BH Shiatsu M900 Milan Massage Chair

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The BH Shiatsu M900 Milan massage chair offers the following types of back massage:

Kneading massage – circular movements that efficiently relieve tension in the whole back and strengthen the muscles.

Tapping massage – very pleasant massage that feels as if gentle hands were tapping along the length of the back to increase the oxygen circulation in the body.

Dual-action – a combination of kneading and tapping, which multiplies their beneficial effects for even greater relaxation.

Shiatsu massage – passing across the strategic points in the back used in acupuncture.

Swedish massage - a pleasant combination of light circular massaging with gentle tapping. It is similar to the dual-action massage, although not as vigorous

The Zero-Gravity system with rollers positioned above the heart, as with astronauts during takeoff, allows the user’s body weight to be evenly distributed across the entire chair. This provides optimum comfort, relieving tension in the body.

The Spinal Adjustment massage therapy relies on the built-in optical sensors, which recognize the user’s height and shoulder position before starting the session in order to tailor the massaging programme to the user’s individual needs. The triple action focused on the lower back uses rollers, air pressure and therapeutic heat to provide the ultimate feeling of relaxation. The HRI back analysis programme applies a reconstructive massage, basing on the analysis of the heart rate made as the rollers travel across the whole back. When any stressed areas are identified, they are treated with greater attention.

The Shangri-lá System utilizes vibration and rocking to eliminate heaviness in the thighs and buttocks, allowing them to reach a state of complete relaxation.

Thermal massaging system uses therapeutic heat to relax the back, thus multiplying the beneficial effects of the massage. The reflexology system of the M1000 Jet Set relieves the tension in the feet with an energetic, soothing massage. As each point on the soles corresponds to an organ in the body, the massage has beneficial influence on the whole body and provides a feeling of pleasant weightlessness. The smart leg position adjustment automatically adjusts the position of the foot massager to the length of the user’s legs in order to make every reflexology session as beneficial as possible. The leg massage relieves the tension in the legs, converting tiredness into energy with the use of an airbag system.

Arm Air massage, with the use of airbags, increases blood circulation in your body, providing a pleasant feeling of lightness in your arms and hands.
The M900 Milan Massage Chair pampers your lower back through the combined triple massage action of rollers, air pressure and therapeutic heat, ensuring a sense of security.

The chair also offers the air controlled head and shoulder massage makes your head relax completely and reduces fatigue, allowing you to feel refreshed and revived.

Our price £2999.00
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Availability: direct from manufacturer

Key features

  • Reflexotherapy System
  • Shangri-lá System
  • Pre-set programmes: 5
  • Customizable (memorisable) programmes
  • Neck, shoulder and back roll massage
  • Arm massage
  • Buttocks massage (seat): Vibration
  • Leg massage: Airbags
  • Massage selection for a back zone: Customizable
  • Massage selection spot
  • Thermal Massaging System: Back
  • Massage centre control: Multifunctional LED display
  • Head massage
  • Audio: USB port
  • Independent electrical adjustment of back and leg inclination
  • Transport wheels
  • Optical sensors for custom 3D massage
  • Smart regulation of leg length (self-adjustable foot massage)
  • Usable as chair with adjustable legs and back
  • Dimensions (upright): Length=140cm (55”), Width=85cm (33.5”), Height=130cm (51”),
  • Dimensions (lie-down): Length=220cm (86.5”), Width=85cm (33.5”),Height=110cm (43.3”)
  • Maximum user weight: 120kg (265lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour
Note: The massage chair will be carefully assembled and installed by a professional engineer


Assembly and Use Manual


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BH Shiatsu M900 Milan Massage Chair

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