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Gaiam Advanced Walking Fit Kit

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Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.

The pedometer offers a selection of features, which help tracking the workout and progress made. The included CD provides the instructions for the endurance-building workout with varied intensity. The instructions are combined with motivating, energising music to help burn the calories effectively. Throughout the workout the user is guided on correct posture, walking techniques and reminded what the fitness goals are and how to achieve them. The CD can be downloaded to an MP3 player.

Debbie Rocker is a former professional athlete and during her career as a personal trainer she worked with such stars as Rachel Hunter, Rod Stewart, Marcia Cross and Lisa Rinna to name but a few. She is also one of the experts behind the creation of the Spinning bikes and was also appointed the Yahoo! Expert in walking and fitness.

Our price £9.99
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Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.

Key features

  • 60 min Guided Audio CD Workout
  • Step Counter
  • Distance Traveled (adjustable to km or miles via the set-up mode)
  • Calorie Counter
  • Clock
  • Panic Alarm
  • Flash Light
  • Calorie Counter
  • Lightweight and Small
  • Clips easily to any clothing
  • Extremely Accurate & Reliable
  • Perfect for Running or Walking
  • Model: 05-51978
  • Size: 3" x 2"
  • Color: Blue

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