Head YouTek Anion 135 Pro Squash Racket  
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Head YouTek Anion Pro 135 Squash Racket

Our price £59.39
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.

The Head YouTek Anion Pro 135 squash racket is packed with technologies that take your game to the next level. They make the racket adjust to the player’s style of game to get the best out of the shot and reduce factors that could impede the game.

The d3o™ technology is able to sense the needs of the players during different strokes providing maximum power on aggressive shots and a better feel on slices and drop shots.

The CT2 (Corrugated Technology 2) is HEAD’s revolutionary shaft design that incorporates extra-long corrugated rails which provide extra power on every shot.

Our price £59.39
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.

Key features

  • Head Size: 77.5in2 (500cm2)
  • Frame Weight: 135g (4.7oz)
  • Balance: 335mm (head light)
  • Beam Width: 20mm
  • String Pattern: 12 x 17
  • Strung with Head Evolution Pro string
  • Grip: UltraSoft
  • Supplied with full length cover bag


Head YouTek Anion Pro 135 Squash Racket Reviews

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This is my 4th Head 135 racket recommend highly great balance and power

The frame of the racket is excellent and the strings (Evo Pro) are good enough for club play. At 2 rackets for £100 an absolute bargain.

Having had a few years away from squash and previously always had Prince racquets I opted for an EX03 Rebel. I was really disappointed and moved to try a Head Anion 135 for much less money, which I really like. This racket is very similar, but with a nicer look. The frame is excellent and the strings (Evo Pro) are good enough for club play. At 2 rackets for £100 an absolute bargain. Ordered Friday morning, delivered Saturday morning. Top job Sweatband!

I chose the Head Anion racket basing on my friend’s recommendation. It is very well-built and its weight seems to be perfect for me. I did some adjustments and have changed the strings already, but overall I'm pleased with what Anion offers during the game. My friend told me that my shots are more powerful now so it is going pretty well!

I played this racket before I decided to purchase it as my housemate used to have it. Really good racket, perfectly balanced and has a great oversized head which really maximises the power of my shots. Solid and very durable. It could be a bit lighter but I'm getting used to it slowly.

Great racket and seems to be created for me. It offers great levels of control and helps me to play reaction shots better than it used to be with my previous, heavier racket. Anion has an impressively durable frame in comparison to the rackets I owned in the past.

Really pleased with this racket. I still have to work on my arms strength so Anion is just perfect for me. It’s not that heavy but surely delivers great power and spin together with more accuracy on off-centre hits. The Pro 135 helps me to improve my performance a lot and works on my weak points.

Wanted to change my game around so purchased this as its slightly heavier from my previous racket. I feel I have lost a little of control but do believe that it will come with time, but I definitely have more power!

Done a little bit of homework on this racketand not disappointed. Used Head rackets in the past so decided to stick to them. Great balance and sturdy frame. Pretty happy overall.

Was hiring racquets before purchasing this. Have to say it is an excellent racquet. I have been playing for around 6 months and this one performs very well and there is a good balance between power and control. Good set of strings too, which does add to the quality. Excellent! Very happy.

Awesome racket - the power you can get even off centre is excellent and the control element of this racket is much improved, a great racket for the all round player.

I've been playing with the Youtek Anion 135 for the past 2 years. This Anion Pro has all the control and maneuverability of the older version but has a bit more power and feels slighty more comfortable on impact. I really like the racket and will possibly be switching to the Anion Pro in the coming months :)

This racket is simply great - it's powerful, very easily manoeuvrable and its relatively big sweet spot makes the game easier. Definitely worth the money!

Great racket - is 135 grams but feels a lot lighter! Seems quite strong - has taken a few hits already and I see no marks. A powerful racket - it is very manoeuvrable. Went to the Central London store to buy - great service- there was even a small practice room to test out products. All in all a very satisfactory racket and service - will be buying from these guys again when needed! :)

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