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Lobster 401 Tennis Ball Machine

Our price £1169.00
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.

Largely unchanged since it's conception, this versatile Lobster 401 Tennis Ball Machine has been a choice with small/medium clubs and home court users for over three decades. Simple in design and operation with it's unique dual oscillator, creates a pattern of shots to test all levels and age groups.

Our price £1169.00
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Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.

Key features

  • Ball speed - standard barrel 28-68mph, lob barrel 22mph, no barrel 20mph. Top speed cannot be reached when a spin adapter is applied.
  • Ball interval - 3 pre-set intervals of 3, 6 or 12 seconds
  • Ball elevation - barrels can be pre-set at any fixed angle from 0 - 90 degrees
  • Ball direction - single oscillating function or any fixed direction
  • Ball spin - topspin, underspin or sidespin possible with optional spin adapter
  • Oscillator - continual side to side sweep movement to (a) repetitive (operator set) depth or (b) random depth, at factory set oscillating-speed and overall width and depth
  • Ball hopper capacity - 150 balls (any type)
  • Power supply - 230V AC mains, 5A, 1,150W
  • Mains lead - 1m long with moulded 16A splash-proof plug (requires extension lead to reach mains socket)
  • Construction - red drum, white ball hopper and black/silver metalwork
  • Suitable for - beginners to advanced
  • Product dimensions - 965 x 560 x 330mm
  • Product weight - 14.5kg
  • Shipping dimensions - 965 x 585 x 355mm
  • Shipping weight - 19.1kg
  • Warranty - 2 years

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