Prince Team Peter Nicol Pro 700 Squash Racket Overview  
Prince Team Peter Nicol Pro 700 Squash Racket  

Prince Team Peter Nicol Pro 700 Squash Racket

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Endorsed by former PSA world number 1 Peter Nicol, The Prince Team Peter Nicol 700 Squash racket is ideally suitable to a broad range of players with varying abilities/styles. We believe all can use and love this racket as much as we do!

 At 140g (4.94oz) in weight, this frame has great stability yet is still manoeuvrable. It features two of Prince's most revolutionary racket technologies, EXO3, designed to add power to off centre hits and Power Ring designed to give added power but with consistent feel over the whole string bed, both of these technologies deliver significant improvements to your game. The racket has a 100% high modulus graphite frame and with an even balance it provides an excellent blend of power and control.

Our price £67.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Head Size: 74.5in2 (480cm2)
  • Frame Weight: 140g (4.94oz)
  • Balance: 34.5cm (Even)
  • Beam: 20-18 tapered beam
  • Length: 27" (686mm)
  • Strung with Duraflex synthetic gut
  • String Pattern: 14 x 16
  • Grip Name: Duraperf
  • Composition: 100% High Modulus Graphite
  • Power Level: 700
  • Green sling cover included


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Prince Team Peter Nicol Pro 700 Squash Racket Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 20 people with average rating of 4.8

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Excellent racket. Great balance and feel and power. Highly recommended. Don't hesitate to buy one. It comes in a bright green Prince bag but don't let that put you off

Great service and a great racket . It has improved my accuracy and my overall game .

Great racket, really good quality and very light. Grip is excellent and seems a nice blend of power and control. Fantastic service from the Sweatband team. The bag that come with the racket is a bit odd, big and green, but at the end of the day its the racket that counts.

Excellent all round racket. Superb balance. Not the most powerful but does not sacrifice quality in any area

I've always been a fan of prince rackets and this one doesn't disappoint. Why is it so trendy to use white grips when blood and sweat marks show up so well?!

Absolutely spanking racket, real quality. Thanks

What an amazing racket. After a lapse of over 17 years, I needed to replace my old racket, and the Peter Nicol Pro 700 was one of two on my shortlist. As luck would have it, I met a player at my local sports centre who has this racket, and he kindly let me try it. My immediate reaction was one of stunned disbelief. The even balance gives a perfect blend of power and control, the 140 gram weight gives excellent stability, and the large sweetspot is awesome - I needed no more convincing that this was the perfect racket for me. Sweatband's service and next day delivery was also superb. Many thanks.

Great racket , wanted it a while but got it on a special offer. Great service as usual from sweatband as it came the following day. Get plenty of power with this one due to the weight. Really enjoying the added power compared to my old one.

Excellent power and control! The racket is as described on the site - was delivered in a timely manner so no complaints here!

Just bought this new Peter Nicol racket and I am thrilled with it! It is even balanced, powerful but not uncontrollable and has a great blend of everything. Could dig balls out of the corner and still be able to drop the ball just above the tin. Will definitely be using this racket for the long haul!

After 15 inactive years the squash bug came a calling and replacing my extender featherlite was required. This one was a similar weight and was not head heavy I thought it worth a punt. Very easy to play with, and has increased power, it's a great all round racket - its not perfect for me yet as I'm having to adjust to a non head heavy (as well as relearning court craft) which is affecting some of my control. I did have to send it back to sweatband with a frame breakage - and I can't praise the service and speed of resolution highly enough along with absolute clarity on the process. Sometimes stuff breaks and customer service matters more than the problem. I do have to mark down due to the breakage but the excellent service brings it up to 4.

I can't believe how much power and control I get with my new Prince Peter Nicol racket. Can get it to the back wall with minimal effort, and when I want to place it right in the corner, I seem to be able to do it frequently. It's easy to use, and I think the head light balance helps me prepare earlier than my old racquet. Great buy!

I am a repeat customer with Sweatband as I am impressed with the next day FREE delivery & exceptional customer service. I am an intermediate player, with a large range of rackets. Since purchasing the Prince Team Peter Nicol Squash Racket it has become an absolute favourite of mine and I now find myself using this racket for every game! Since playing with it I find my rally & straight drive shots have really improved, adding real value to my overall game. Weighing in at around 140 grams it is an even balanced racket providing help with manoeuvrability & control regardless of where I am on the court. The oval shaped handle has proved most comfortable. The racket is strung with Duraflex synthetic gut which I feel could be replaced with an improved string however, string & tension preferences are down to the individual. This racket provides an excellent blend of power and control and I would highly recommend it to intermediate and advanced players.

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