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Reebok i-Trainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer

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Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.

This electronic resistance not only means that the resistance can be controlled with a button touch on the console, but also that the progammes are able to control the resistance.

This elliptical cross trainer has a stride length of 38cm (15") which makes it suitable for most people that aren't taller than 6 feet. Thanks to a 6kg flywheel and an inertia mass of 20kg, i Trainer SE is a very smooth cross trainer.

The console is feature rich, yet simple to use.There are 6 professionally designed pre-set programmes:

1. Target time: The user enters enters a target duration of exercise
2. Target distance: This enables the user to work out for a set distance
3. Target calories: As simple as setting a desired calorie burn for the session!
4. Intervral: Enables the user to work out at various speeds and resistance levels
5. Endurance: User is able to work out for a given time or distance over varied, pre programmed resistances
6. Fitness test: Age, weight and height of the user is entered. The computer then factors in the pulse rate to provide both visual indicators and audible beeps for the user to speed up or slow down to remain within the target heart rate zone. After 20 minutes, a one minute recovery test is conducted to produce a rating of 1 to 6 to indicate the user's level of fitness.

Whilst this cross trainer is a solid and sturdy machine, it features transport wheels enabling it to be tilted and moved pretty easily. In additon, the leg levelers on the rear feet ensure that the machine is completely stable even on slightly uneven floors. Finally, the position of the foot plates can be adjusted to ensure comfort for different users. 


Our price £249.00
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Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.

Key features

  • M-Force DIRECT DRIVE brake system
  • Resistance 16 electronic resistance levels
  • Fly wheel weight: 6kg with an interia weight of 20kg
  • LCD computer display
  • Speed/Time/Distance/Calories/Pulse/RPM functions
  • Programmes: 6 programmes
  • Adjustable foot plates
  • Hand pulse measuring
  • User weight limit: 120kg
  • Size: 125x60x164cm
  • Transport wheel: yes
  • Leg levellers: yes
  • Warranty: Full 2 years parts and labour for total peace of mind


User Manual i-Trainer-SE

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