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Reebok Running LED Head Torch

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Providing three different, highly suitable for all occasions light modes, the Reebok running LED head torch includes a vastly comfortable, flexible strap with the option of adjusting the size, thus ensuring a pleasurable and long run without distractions. Furthermore, this fine LED torch allows for a 90-degree angle for a targeted beam, and it’s excellent for a night jogging session by offering great and far visibility making those runs safe and relaxing.

Our price £23.99
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Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Designed to lighten up your runs
  • Adjustable elasticated comfort strap
  • Inclusive clip-on rear LED light with 3 settings
  • High powered 110 lumen head torch, adjustable to a 90 degree angle for targeted beam focus
  • Light Modes: High beam, dimmed and flashing
  • Suitable for on and off road running

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