Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 Squash Racket Black  

Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 PH Squash Racket - Black

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The new Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 has a stronger frame construction and extra versatility  which, coupled with the flattened head shape, ensure maximum power and feel, even from those tight wall shots.

The Power Holes technology succeeds in providing the player with 25% more power on off-centre hits. The Hyper Hammer Technology, combined with the Hyper Carbon frame, makes this racket very stiff, which contributes to its power with the added benefits of superb stability and an increased sweet spot. It should also be noted that the control on shots is amazing.

HAMMER Technology - HAMMER Lightweight rackets with mass in the head provides great manoeuvrability with the added benefits of superior stability and enhanced power.

Our price £39.86
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Material: Graphite/Hyper Carbon
  • Weight: 120 grams
  • Head Size: 77 sq. ins/497 sq. cm
  • Beam: 23 mm Sledge Taper
  • Balance: 380mm (head-heavy)
  • String: Wilson Sensation Strike

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Does this come with a cover?

Yes, it does, a cover that covers the head of the racket.

Is the racket supplied with a racket cover?

Yes, head cover which covers head (stops at throat).

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Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 PH Squash Racket - Black Reviews

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I'm no expert but this racquet is a vast improvement on my old racquet that I had had for some time and was a bit long in the tooth.

I took a change in recket having a Prince Tripple Threat type rackets for years, but they kept brackng in exactly the same place so just got fed up with paying our for a new rakcet every year. Went for the Willson as had tried one once before and they (two racket deal) came with more than just he normal synth gut strings. Very pleased. Stiffer than the Prince but actully I think the accrucy has improved. Perhaps not so much power than the Prince but enough. Probably would be better with more dynamic strings.

Excellent quality racket, can't even compare to my previous one, and this one was the same price. I would recommend this every time.

Great value for money and delivered within 24 hours. thank you

Excellent value for money. My friend's racket seems no better despite being twice the price.

For me, an average club player, among the best features are the lightness and weight distribution of the racket. The best bit is that it is very forgiving - even when you hit the ball quite close to the frame it still results in a controlled shot.

The build quality is great. Light and agile to use (played a few squash games already). The value for money is good. The same racket at other retailers are quite a bit more. I always do my homework before buying a product and I am glad I went for this one. 5 stars and a thumbs up.

Racket is excellent, very light and great value for money. Deliver was very fast!!

The Squash Racket was exactly what I expected and having now used it a few times I can safely say that it has significantly upped my game. The racket is just the right balance between being lightweight, but still being able to generate power. The racket came very quickly and I would certainly recommend sweatband

Great racquet at the best price I could find, very quick delivery-following day, all good.

This is my second successive Wilson Hyper Hammer 120. Nuff said? Who'd buy something again if they weren't very pleased with it and chose it again over all alternatives? I like the light weight, head-heavy balance and solid build. Anything I'd change? Yes, I'd like it in rainbow colours, please.

Racket feels great to my unprofessional hands. I bought it because of good reviews online, and it didn't disappoint.

Very happy with my recent purchase of 2x Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 PH Squash racquets. I found them to have an excellent blend of power and touch. It is the first Wilson racquet I have bought and I like the balance of the weight of the racquet being head heavy rather than head light.

Was looking for a new racket as I had damaged mine severely by dropping it. This seemed a good choice and very good value for money. I have been using it for a month or so now and have noticed a marked improvement in the precision of my shots.

After reading various reviews I settled on this racket to replace my Head i110 to get a bit more control into my game. I read I might lose a bit of power compared to the i110 but if anything I seem to be able to hit the ball harder. The control isn't quite there yet but I've only played 2 matches. I would've given it a 5 but the string could be better.

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