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Actionsampler Camera

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The Actionsampler Camera uses any 35mm film which can be developed by any photo laboratory. And in the Actionsampler Kit you also get one roll of ActionSamplerFilm (200 ASA, 24 exposures) and a primer, that is as precise as it is clever, to illustrate to you how to get the most out of this devilish device as it grabs time itself by the scruff of the neck, neatly dissects it into four little pieces and then puts it all back together. With this mini mega-volume you will soon be a whiz in no time.

Camera Type
Miniature 35mm camera with 4 built-in lenses that capture four sequential photos within each frame of the film.

four sets of 26mm single element sequentially operated lenses
focus range: fix-focus from 1.2 metres to infinity

Shutter speed: 1/100 second
Exposure intervals: 0.22 seconds per frame and 0.66 seconds in total for four frames in a sequence on each negative.

Suitable Film
Takes any 35mm film and any regular film processing. For best possible results use:
ISO 100 for bright sunlight
ISO 200 for fine weather or in the shade
ISO 400 for overcast weather, outdoors.
For badly lit situations use ISO 800 film in order to produce satisfactory results.

Our price £24.99
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Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Actionsampler camera
  • Wrist strap
  • Full documentation
Size100mm x 31mm x 58mmWeight100 g

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