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Adidas Home Multi Gym

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Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 31/12/2021

The Adidas home gym has been designed to provide challenging workouts of your biceps, triceps, abdominals, chest, back and legs. The machine has a dual function total leg developer, a chest and pack fly station, a bicep preacher curl station, and high and low pulley stations for upper and lower body exercises. Oversized seat pads with thick, high-density foam ensure comfortable workouts. The home gym has a 100kg (220lbs) weight stack for a challenging whole body workout at any level.

Our price £499.99
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 31/12/2021

Key features

  • Dual function leg developer
  • Bench press, butterfly press, pec dec, leg extension, arm curl, low row, tricep press, chest press, back leg curl, lat pull down
  • Stations: Chest and peck fly, high and low pulley, leg, bicep preacher curl
  • Oversized seat pads with thick, high-density foam
  • Large diameter steel tubing
  • Durable construction and powder coated finish
  • Dimensions: Length=185cm (72.8”), Width=104cm (41”), Height=212cm (83.5”)
  • Weight Stack: 100kg (220lbs)
  • Product Weight: 176kg (388lbs)
  • Max User Weight: 125kg (275lbs)
  • Warranty: 1 year


AD-10250 Home Gym Assembly Guide Adidas Home Gym Workout Chart

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How easy is it to put together? I've read reviews saying it takes up to a whole day!

Hi. like any multi-gym there are quite a lot of pieces that need to be assembled. We'd always recommend two people for assembly of this item. However if you're worried about the assembly, then take a look at the York Perform multi-gym. It's of similar quality but the feedback we've had is that assembly is quite straight-forward.

I'm looking for a multigym with a 100Kg weight stack (most seem to be less) and this looks a good one. Are there any others you could recommend? My reservation on this model is some reviews online say that it's quite noisy to use.

The York Perform multi-gym also uses a 100kg weight stack. It's a good quality gym and we've had no feedback of excessive noise

Is the height of the seat adjustable?

It's not.

Will this gym give you a good stretch on the lats if you are 6ft?

Yes, this would be perfectly fine for someone of your height. The lat pull down is very effective and can most definitely feel good contraction in lats whilst performing that exercise.

When it says width 104cm - what part is 104cm. Is it the chest press arms or the crossmember on the floor.

The 104cm dimension is the cross-member at the rear of the machine.

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When you are assembling the machine, you really need to lay the parts out in order and then it is much simpler to put together. Definitely a two person job. Once I put it together - it has been great ever since and I really enjoy it.

I chose this machine as it was competitively priced online and highly reviewed, Sweatband were the cheapest by far. Upon receipt, assembly took a few hours, very good build quality, substantial weight stack. I use it 3-4 times a week. I would recommend this machine to all.

Installation was time consuming but worth it as this multigym is very good indeed. Really happy with my purchase and the value for money it offers. There are lots of exercises to do and the resistance is fine, would just say that putting it together could be easier.

For anyone looking for multigym offering good value for money - this is it. Although it took me 5 hours on very a lazy day to install, I am very happy with it. Having checked the dimensions of a number of different gyms before purchasing, I chose this one as the dimensions suited my height requirements and also my wife. I now have my workmates interested in purchasing one as I am definitely feeling the benefits using gym 3 times a week mainly on my upper body. Must be starting to show! Would recommend to anyone looking for a quality gym with a good range of exercises that won't break the bank.

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