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Arcade Mania Sit Down Arcade Machine

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Over 150 all-time favourite arcade games packed into just one fantastic machine. The ultimate in retro cool for everyone in the family - old & young alike - providing endless hours of exciting action & fun. Really impress your mates and anyone else who happens to see it with the coolest of the cool boys toys. Functional too, as the glass top surface can be used as a table, so its not all one sided! The other half can always use it for whatever it is they use tables for...

Our price £1399.00
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Availability: direct from manufacturer

Key features

  • No assembly - just plug in & play
  • Digital sound, spectacular colour & dynamic graphics provide a superior playing experience
  • Scroll down the on-screen menu with joystick for quick & easy selection of games
  • Instantly exit & reselect new games in a flash
  • Pause button allows for interruptions - enabling games to be finished off at another time
  • Control panel has 1 or 2 players option
  • Perfect addition for the home, games room or workplace
  • Built to the same high standards as the upright model but beautifully finished in high polish chrome & with a toughened glass top
  • Mains on/off & volume controls are fitted under the cabinet
  • Dual-sided button consoles for 1 or 2 players option
  • Optional chrome swivel stools available as a pair
  • Doubles as a functional coffee table when not in use
  • Height: 56cm
  • Width: 74cm
  • Length: 105cm
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Games List: Power Soccer, Doughboy, F1 Race, Boxing, Wrestle, Popeye, Ninja I, Ninja II, Ninja III, Combat, Mario Brothers, Badminton, World Cup Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Wrecking Crew, Lode Runner, Lode Runner 2, Golf, Dr Mario, Mickey Mouse, Ice Hockey, Pro Wrestling, Volleyball, Track & Field, Paper Boy, Spelunker, Seicross, Double Dragon, Scramble, Flipull, Alpine Ski, Arabian, 80 Days, Star Gate, Bowling, Pandamar, Asteroids, Bomb Jack, Onyanko Town, Moon Cresta, Phoenix, Arkanoid, Contra, Street Fighter, Spy Hunter, Spy v Spy, Elevator Action, Gradius, Hydlide, Space Hunter, B-Wings, Double Strike, Sky Destroyer, Bomber Man, Duck Eggs, Magmax, The New Type, Contra Force, Heavy Barrel, Wan Wan Panic, Choplifter, Legend Kage, Kung Fu, Star Soldier, Argus, Aladin, Goonies, Lunar Ball, Exed Exes, Excitebike, Son Son, Road Fighter, Turtle 5, Max Warrior, Sqoon, Gyrodine, Tank 90, Raid on Bay, Route 16, Mach Rider, Spartan X, Pooyan, Geimos, Thexder, Challenger, Clu Clu Land, Twinbee, Balloon Fight, Cross Fire, Binary Land, Gaig, Jewellery, Star Force, Exerion, Formation-Z, Macross, Circus Charlie, Zippy Race, Nuts & Milk, Chitei Fight, Front Line, Antarctic Adventure, Urban Champion, Flappy, Joust, Knights Fight, Karateka, City Connection, Door Door, 10 Yard Fight, Soccer, Othello, Lolo, Ice Climber, Chack Pop, Devil World, Sasa, Tiger-Heli, Island 2, Calculate, Super Chinese, Volguard II, Penguin, Baltron, Peepar Time, Star Luster, Aso, Babel, Metro-Cross, Sky Kid, Jajamaru, Quarth, Solomon Key, F15 City War, Transformation, Banana, Lotlot, Bokosula Wars, Gyruss, Urusei, Missile Command, Space Aliens, Pinball, Multi Labyrinth, 1942, 100m Dash, Long Jump, 100m Hurdles, Brush Roller, High Jump, Javelin, Skeet Shoot, Triple Jump and Archery.

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