Yonex 2 Player Badminton Set View

Yonex 2 Player Badminton Set

The Yonex 2 player badminton set features two Muscle Power 1 frames and a tube of 3 Mavis 10 shuttlecocks as a fine 2 in 1 bundle for novice / beginner players seeking excellent value for money. Both racquets are evenly balanced and boast an isometric head to create a great combination of extra forgiveness, power and playability. The shaft in each of the frames offers a stiffer flex and both are shipped pre-strung with BS1801 string, as well as with a protective head cover. Furthermore, the racquets arrive with a tube of shuttlecocks, therefore the set can be immediately used to learn the game or have active fun.

Ashaway Superlight 79SQ - Badminton Racket View

Ashaway Superlight 79SQ - Badminton Racket

Best suited to intermediate level players, the Ashaway Superlight 79SQ badminton racket offers a great blend of power and head speed. This super-lightweight racket weighs only 76g (2.7oz) and has an isometric head shape for a bigger sweet spot and more accuracy on off-centre hits. The racket is head heavy balanced for added power and ensures quick acceleration through the shuttle. It is perfect for hard-hitting, aggressive players seeking fast swing speed and guarantees increased stiffness and strength thanks to graphite layers reinforced with carbon nanotubes. Plus, the Ashaway Superlight 79SQ comes strung with ZyMax 70 string for maximum durability and tension maintenance.

Head Tour Team Monstercombi 12 Racket Bag View

Head Tour Team Monstercombi 12 Racket Bag

Just the right size for a serious player who wants ample room for equipment and accessories, the Head Tour Team Monstercombi 12 racket bag is a functional and stylish option with 3 main compartments. It accommodates up to 12 rackets and uses Climate Control Technology+ (CCT+) in one of the compartments to ensure your gear is protected against the heat. This sturdy bag offers one outside zipped pocket to let you keep accessories within easy reach and has an inside mesh pocket ideal for smaller items. Thanks to an innovative backpack and shoulder carry system and a dual carry handle, the bag provides comfortable transportation to and from the court.

Yonex 42026 Team 6 Racket Bag View

Yonex 42026 Team 6 Racket Bag

Offering a combination of functionality and a modern exterior, the Yonex 42026 Team 6 racket bag will help you stand out on the way to the courts. This stylish bag accommodates up to 6 rackets and apparel in its two large main compartments and lets you easily reach for accessories, valuables and smaller personal items whenever you need them thanks to a practical side zipped pocket. Travelling with the bag is comfortable due to a carry handle and a padded and adjustable shoulder strap. Plus, it is manufactured from vegan-friendly synthetic material to help the bag keep its shape and ensure long-lasting durability.

Badminton Equipment

Badminton is not for the faint-hearted, while a shuttlecock may look pretty innocent don’t be fooled because it’s faster than a squash or tennis ball thanks to its amazing aerodynamic design. The Guinness book of Records has recorded them at 162 miles per hour, compared to 151mph for its closest racket sport rival, the squash ball.

Early game play with shuttlecocks (originally a piece of light wood or cork trimmed with feathers) dates back to Ancient Greece and travelled across the Indo-Greek kingdoms through India to China and Siam.  On arrival in Europe the popular medieval children’s game battledore and shuttlecock (AKA ‘jeu de volant’) was born, and all these games involved hitting the shuttlecock with a racket to and fro for non-specified numbers of players without letting it fall to the ground.

Badminton in its current form traces back to colonial India in the mid 19th century where it was a popular pastime for the British military officers stationed there.  With the addition of a net and a court, the introduction of sides and a scoring system it began to look a lot more like the game millions all over the world enjoy today.

The Badminton World Federation (formerly the International Badminton Federation) was established in 1934.  Today it governs the sport and builds interest and participation globally.

Because it’s played with a shuttlecock, competitive badminton is an indoor sport featuring a court 44 by 17 feet and requiring 6.5 feet of clear space alongside each edge.  The floor needs to be smooth and is typically wooden or composite.  The net sits 5 foot 1 inch high at each end and 5 feet high at the centre. 

Here in the UK there are plenty of courts available for the casual player and clubs for those keen to learn, improve and compete.

If you’re concerned you might not be able to keep up with those speedy shuttlecocks don’t worry, there are a range of rackets and shuttles for all abilities added to which the humidity of your playing environment will impact on the speed at which your shuttlecock flies. 

As well as investing in the right racket and shuttlecock good shoes are a must so you can keep your rallies going with some agile footwork.

And if the speed is the main appeal for you why not try ‘speedminton’ – the latest variation of the game played in any suitable outdoor space and net free with specially designed shuttlecocks.  It’s rapidly rising in popularity as an urban sport and a great way to build fitness and improve your level for all racket sports.

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