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Stringing Interview with Pro Racket Stringer at Sweatband.com

May 5, 2021 1 min read
Stringing Interview with Pro Racket Stringer at Sweatband.com Stringing Interview with Pro Racket Stringer at Sweatband.com

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    Have you ever wondered how rackets are strung? Well meet Brad Praught, our Master Racket Technician here at Sweatband.com who’s here to tell you all about the process and why racket stringing is so important for all racket sports players.

    People usually give a lot of thought to selecting their racket, finding the one with the right feel, balance, weight and performance for their game. But strings are often an afterthought. However, putting the right string at the right string tension into the frame is really key.

    Watch the video below to hear more from Brad and see just how important stringing is for your game, whether you play tennis, squash, badminton or racketball.

    Stringing Can Change The Way You Play

    “Stringing is like fine-tuning your racket by putting the right type of string in the frame you can really change the play of the racket,” says Brad. “So depending on the style of the player, players who are looking for more power put a more elastic, lively string in the frame and it will give them more power. More aggressive players who are looking for control can put a slightly crisper string in their racket and that’s going to take away a little bit of the power and let them control the ball easier. For players who have issues such as tennis elbow or any kind of arm problem, softer more forgiving strings can ease some of that pain.”

    “String tension is also a big factor. Higher tensions offer more control and a little less trampoline. Lower tensions have a lot more elasticity and trampoline, and can help get the ball a bit deeper for those who can’t swing as hard. So there’s a lot of things that strings can do to a racket to change the characteristics of play.”

    If you want to find out more about racket stringing then take a look at the blog we recently published showing you Behind the Scenes at the Wimbledon Stringing Room.

    If you’re interested in getting your racket strung or want advice about which string to use, drop Brad an email at brad@sweatband.com.

    In this article