Viavito Rokai

Viavito Rokai Folding Rowing Machine Review

 To help you choose from the many dozens of rowers available on the market today, we’re really eager to get our hands on the Rokai folding rowing machine and show you how it stands up to our rigorous testing. Get to know what we think after trying the machine out to find a rower which best meets your demands within your budget and avoid ending up with a piece of equipment that is simply unsuitable. What Does the Rokai Rowing Machine Do for Your Body? Combining strength training and cardio workout, rowing offers a tremendous amount of physical health benefits...

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Rowing Machine

Viavito Sumi Folding Rowing Machine Review

 1. Is it worth to give rowing a go? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie hesitating if to hop on a rower, get on board and get to know why indoor rowing has rocked the fitness world with its cardiovascular and calorie-incinerating benefits. Rowing is not only a great way to improve your overall health, but also provides a total body workout letting you simultaneously target muscles in the upper and lower body. It combines strength training and cardio workout and helps you burn fat and build muscles at the same time! As it is low impact in...

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