Carlton GT3 - Feather Shuttlecock - Box  

Carlton GT3 Feather Shuttlecock - Medium - 25 dozen

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The Carlton GT3 feather shuttlecock is an incredible value for money shuttle that is suitable for play right up to club level. One of the most highly developed feather shuttles available on the market today, the Carlton GT3 offers excellent resilience, and is manufactured using premium density cork and made of high grade 3 goose feather. The Carlton GT3 produces a consistent and precise flight and great, consistent performance.

Our price £331.25
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Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Quality: Club standard suitable for club and recreational play
  • Shuttle Type: Grade 3 Feather and high durability cork base
  • Speed: 3/medium/78
  • Colour: White with black cork band
  • Quantity: 25 dozens

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