Neutral/Cushioned Shoes

Neutral running shoes, which are often also referred to as cushioned or cushioning shoes, are recommended for runners with a neutral gait, high arches and also under-pronators.

Pronation is essential to running as it helps your body absorbs the impact of your feet hitting the ground and then stabilises feet before you push off. Those with a neutral gait will enjoy the increased underfoot comfort and good flexibility of a neutral trainer. In the case of under-pronators, the additional cushioning helps disperse the shocks from running and, along with the flexibility, provides a more natural platform for your feet to run on.

Under-pronation can cause injuries by the overuse of certain parts of the foot and lower leg when the weight is concentrated along the outside of the foot without rotating inward. Neutral, cushioned running shoes feature a more flexible sole, which promotes a little rotation that creates a more efficient running action.

Neutral, cushioned shoes will provide a small amount of support, but those needing proper gait aid will require stability or even motion control shoes. The main feature of neutral shoes is their cushioning, and the amount of cushioning that a pair has is one of the ways to choose between models. Some will have very thick, plush cushioning which provides an exceptionally soft feel but can also make the trainers weigh a bit more.

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