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Tennis Dampeners

Tennis dampeners, also referred to as vibration dampeners or simply just dampeners, are a tennis accessory designed to minimise vibrations of the strings when hitting the ball. They change the sound of the ball coming off the racket and also impact the feel of your shots.


Types of Dampener

Usually made from compounds of rubber or silicone, these small devices are inserted into the string bed on your racket head. The dampener must not be placed within the crossed strings area. It is therefore most commonly put at the bottom of the racquet head above the throat area and pushed up to sit just under the bottom cross string.

There are two main shapes of dampener: the “button” style and the “worm” style. The names are fairly self-explanatory in terms of the shape of each type. Button dampeners are pushed into space between two main strings and worm dampeners should be interwoven through a few strings.


Should I use one?

Some players use dampeners and some don’t. It’s down to personal preference and the only way to know if you should play with one or which type to use is by trying them out. Dampeners are inexpensive, normally costing just a few pounds for a pair. So if you’re unsure, you can test them on the practice courts for next to nothing and see how you like them.

Do note that whilst they will reduce the vibrations of the strings on ball impact and increase comfort to a certain extent, they won’t cure tennis elbow. If you struggle with tennis elbow do think about the weight and balance of your racket and the type of tennis string you’re using. If you need further advice about racket then our Master Racket Technician is on hand to help, via phone, email or in our Central London showroom (details on the contact page).

We carry a range of dampeners from brands such as Wilson, Head and Tecnifibre and other leading tennis manufacturers. Our prices are low and include speedy UK delivery, free on all orders over £15!