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Whatever activity you’ve decided to take up, the importance of having the right footwear to support your every step, squat, lunge, jump and lift on your fitness journey remains the same. Whether you’re fanatical about gym classes, you love lifting weights, you can’t get enough of cardio machines or you just fancy a new pair of comfy and cool-looking casual shoes, then training shoes will be right up your street.

Training shoes are highly versatile shoes designed to provide comfort and support for a wide variety of fitness activities. You might also hear them referred to as gym shoes, aerobic shoes or simply just the generic term “trainers”. They are made for wearing during sessions in the gym – exercise machines, weightlifting, specific fitness classes, core and stretching exercises and so on – for gentle training outdoors, for day to day walking around town with extra comfort and for plenty of other activities. They can even be worn for some recreational sports, such as a casual game of tennis or basketball or a trip to the park with friends and family. We do recommend, however, getting a pair of court shoes or running shoes if you plan on playing something like squash or tennis regularly or taking up running more seriously.

Due to the very varied potential uses, most models of training shoes will have certain general characteristics. For example, they will be fairly light, offer cushioning around and under your feet, and have plenty of flexibility to allow your feet to move more freely and respond quickly as you move, change direction and jump. Breathable upper material encourages airflow into the shoes to keep your feet cooler as you work or play hard. Padded insides and cushioned underfoot areas (midsole) ensure a comfortable fit so your feet can relax. The outsole should deliver grip to keep you sure-footed and enhance the smoothness of your motion.

As with all shoes, it’s important to get the right fit. Your feet should feel supported, stable and snug, with the fit being tight enough to stop your feet from moving in the shoe but not too tight so as to restrict them or cause blisters. A little room to wiggle your toes is also recommended!

Now you know what to expect, it’s time to start browsing our range of training shoes here at Sweatband.com that all come with free UK delivery! If you head up this page you can filter the results based on size, gender and brand to begin.