16kg Vinyl Kettlebell from DKN  

DKN 16kg Vinyl Kettlebell

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The DKN vinyl kettlebell is designed to help you develop functional strength, endurance and core stability as well as tone your muscles. It has a solid weight of 16kg (35.3lbs) and a strong moulded construction with an ergonomically designed handle that provides an easy and comfortable grip. This vinyl kettlebell is equipped with an anti-slip base for extra safety and supplied with a detailed chart showing how to exercise with it.

Our price £48.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Strong moulded construction
  • Ergonomically designed comfort handle
  • Vinyl coating
  • Anti-slip base
  • Colour coded weight
  • Supplied with a fully detailed workout chart
  • Weight: 16kg (35.3lbs)
  • Warranty: 1 year, domestic usage


DKN 16kg Vinyl Kettlebell - Exercise Chart

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DKN 16kg Vinyl Kettlebell Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 14 people with average rating of 4.5

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Perfect for my son's needs. He's developing his routines with the benefit of the pair of 16kg kettlebells.

Just arrived,its a beast,love it not for beginners. Well made too.

Very good quality.


Tricky to review. 1 it's great value so shouldn't really expect it to be the same as comp level kettlebells. However it's a bit oversized as it's made of plastic rather than cast iron and that means different holds for say goblet squats etc are harder to do. If just using it for swings and traditional holds then it's 5 but if you want the flexibility to do different holds then i'd recommend spending more and getting a non-plastic one.

This kettlebell is so large it's unwieldy. Too big to get low enough for squats, and somewhat terrifying to do kettlebell swings with!

Good quality, well made, just what I wanted

Great durable kettlebell.

Wonderful service

Nicely made and does what you expect of a kettlebell.

The kettlebell is very bulky to hold, I wish there had been dimensions on the website to show how wide the handle is at the top. It is very hard to grip.

I ordered 2 of these to use at home after I first tried kettle-bells at my local gym and found they use more functional strength than other types of lifting. Gonna need to order some heavier ones soon as I've gained a lot of strength since implementing these in my routine.

Love using kettle bells as they provide a different sensation than traditional barbell/dumbbell routines. Much cheaper than the iron alternative and still works just as well!

Came very quickly and these are very good value at the price. The handles are big so you can use both hands for exercises which is handy.

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