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DKN Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor

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The DKN Bluetooth heart rate sensor is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible and works with a great range of fitness tracking apps. Pair it with your smartphone as you exercise to get highly accurate heart rate information and enjoy effective training sessions. The device is waterproof (IX7 standard) and has a battery that will last up to 1000 hours. Plus, it weighs only 130g (4.6oz).

Our price £44.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Provides accurate heart rate information to compatible mobile training applications
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatible
  • Integrates with fitness tracker Apps including Strava, Wahoo, Runtastic, Runkeeper, Endomondo, etc.
  • Battery life up to 1000 hrs
  • Waterproof (IX7 standard)
  • Weight: 130g (4.6oz)

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We have recently bought a DKN AM 5i exercise bike and would like advice on the best heart rate chest strap. Would you recommend the DKN HR Transmitter or the DKN Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor.

The DKN AM-5i ergo exercise bike is compatible with open frequency (uncoded) chest belts such as the DKN HR transmitter.

Is this compatible with Garmin Edge 705?

Yes, it should work with Garmin Edge 705.

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DKN Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 25 people with average rating of 3.7

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Does not work

It works very well and is better than hand grips on an exercise bike. On delivery it needed a battery replacement to get it working.

Haven't used yet

I bought this sensor along with a DKN exercise bike just before Christmas and it works well. Bluetooth connection to the bike is fast and the continuous readout of heart rate is clear. No complaints, an excellent item.

At the moment it only works occasionally Am going to check it over again tomorrow & get back to you if not working as not happy with it (have changed battery twice)

It stopped working after 2 sessions

Works well with variety of apps, seamless with treadmill

The sensor worked very well, but completely stopped working after about a week. It was promptly replaced by Sweatband and the new one has been fine so far.

Never used one before. So simple to setup and use.

This heart rate monitor works, but crucially it seem that it no longer integrate with Strava (it does with other apps, but I do not use them). The DKN website is also surprisingly poor. I have yet submit support request as I been too busy. Two stars, fails to live up to some of product description, poor support, otherwise would be higher.

First one stopped working after 2 runs. Replacement stopped working after 2 more runs. Tried replacing the battery without any joy. Finally the third one worked for 7 months but that has now stopped. Lot of money for 7 months use. Just sent a note to DKN so waiting for their response to check there are no tricks to keep these working

Worked straight out of the box


Comfortable and does what is supposed to

Stopped working after 3 weeks

Works really well with the treadmill

Sensor gives a great insight on how I’m doing on the treadmill and helps set targets to aim for a great addition

Does what it is required to do. The strap is easily adjustable to suit your size. The strap extends to a relaxed length of 36”. I’ve found to be comfortable it needs to be set at 1” shorter than the circumference at the ‘just below chest level‘, or at solar plexus level. Therefore I’d suggest the maximum size it would fit would be about 37” at solar plexus.

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted this sensor. Thankfully at the last minute I decided to go with it. An excellent decision. A fantastic piece of kit, helping me to monitor my workouts and push myself as needed.

Does what it says, a more than helpful exercise aid. An excellent price too

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