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DKN EB-2400i Exercise Bike

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With an impressive range of 32 levels of computer controlled magnetic resistance and Electro Magnetic System, the DKN EB-2400i exercise bike is a perfect fitness companion and a high intensity interval trainer. Thanks to EMS brake system, the work-load can go to full resistance in less than 5 seconds and for fluid motion and added stability, there is a 14kg (30.8lbs) flywheel. To provide challenge and variety, the bike offers 15 programmes and the console interacts with compatible apps via Bluetooth connection to help you maximize gains and enjoy endless interactive workout possibilities. Fitted with a clear and user-friendly, multifunctional LCD display, the EB-2400i enables you to check your progress and all the most important workout stats. As comfort is a key to successful training session, there is a large, padded, micro-adjustable seat and a high-endurance handlebar allowing for multiple hand positions. To measure your pulse, use the dual hand pulse sensors or a Bluetooth™ wireless receiver with an optional chest strap and get a more accurate feedback thanks to 4 user profiles enabling you to enter and save your age, gender, weight and height. Plus, to make each workout more fun and engaging, the bike features an integrated tablet holder on the tilting console.

Our price £699.00
Availability: in stock!



With flywheels that typically weigh around 5 or 6kg many exercise bikes deliver a lacklustre riding experience. By contrast, the DKN EB-2400i uses an ultra-heavyweight 14kg (30.8lbs) flywheel to deliver a ride that’s as smooth as you’ll find on commercial models costing many times more. Every time you go for a ride on the EB-2400i you'll enjoy one of the smoothest rides you’ll find on any domestic exercise bike on the market today.



Into your HIIT training? Want high-intensity bursts of speed? Want a fast response to your commands? With an electromagnetic braking system, the EB-2400i delivers a super-smooth, fast response and a level of intensity that’ll have you breaking a sweat in no time. And, with no moving parts to control the level of resistance it also provides a level of reliability that simply can’t be found on classic magnetic bikes.



The EB-2400i features an in-built Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver which delivers superb reliability and improved accuracy. Continuously monitor your heart rate without breaking pace and disrupting your workout and stay safe with accurate, reliable heart rate readings.



With the heart rate control workout, set your target heart rate and the EB-2400i will automatically set, monitor, and adjust the difficulty level to keep you in the ideal training zone so that you get a more efficient workout. With WATT control you can guarantee that your session is as challenging as you were planning, every time. Set a power output target up to 350 watts and let the EB-2400i increase the strain until you reach your target power output. Improve your cardio health and lose weight faster using heart rate and WATT control.



The EB-2400i is compatible with Kinomap and can connect to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. Once the Kinomap is installed and your smart device connected, just choose a video and train on the Kinomap app for a richer riding experience. Watch your icon progress on the map as you follow the video while the app automatically changes resistance to match the terrain in real-time.



With 12 preset onboard workouts aimed at every ability level, you’ll always have your choice of different workouts to keep you challenged as your fitness improves. Each workout has been designed by a personal trainer to ensure you get an effective exercise every time you go for a ride.



The EB-2400i has been designed incorporating advanced ergonomics to ensure that you get the most comfortable workout possible while also reducing the risk of injury. With a 3-way adjustable, gel-padded extra-wide saddle, extended handlebar with multi-grip positions and oversized pedals, the EB-2400i helps you to get your ideal riding position so that you can exercise in comfort, enabling you to push yourself harder and get results faster.



With a Poly V-belt for ultra-quiet operation and increased lifespan, an electromagnetic braking system with no moving parts, high-grade steel components and a 150kg (23.62stone, 330.7lbs) maximum user weight, the EB-2400i is built to withstand all the rigours and demands of an active, family home with multiple users. This high-specification upright bike will soak up the pressure and just keep going.

Key features

  • Flywheel: 14kg (30.8lbs)
  • Resistance: 32 levels of computer controlled frictionless resistance
  • Watt-Controlled Guidance: Yes, 10-450 Watts
  • EMS Brake System: Yes
  • Console: Multifunctional colour LCD display
  • Console Feedback: Time, speed, distance, RPM, calories, Watt, heart rate
  • Programmes: 15 (1 manual, 12 pre-set, target HR mode and Watt mode)
  • User Profiles: 4 (each with age, gender, height and weight)
  • Compatible Applications: Kinomap, Vescape
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Hand pulse sensors + Bluetooth™ wireless receiver (chest belt optional)
  • Additional Features: Water bottle holder, tablet holder
  • Seat: Padded, micro-adjustable seat with horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Handlebar: High-endurance handlebar
  • Pedals: Comfortable pedals with adjustable straps
  • Product Weight: 68kg (150lbs)
  • Max. User Weight: 150kg (330.7lbs)
  • Dimensions: Length=112cm (44.1”), Width=57cm (22.4”), Height=138cm (54.3”)
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Certification: CE/EN 957 Class SA
  • Warranty: 2 years


DKN EB-2400i Exercise Bike - User Manual

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I'm 6ft 3" - is this suitable?

The EB-2400 should be suitable for you. When the seat is fully extended to its maximum height the distance between the top of the saddle and the pedal in its lowest position is approximately 93cm (36.6").

How big/heavy is the box?

Hi. The box dimensions are: 1750mm x 850mm x 570mm. The boxed weight is 76kg

Does it have a heart rate monitor?

Yes absolutely. This bike features grip sensors and a Bluetooth™ smart wireless heart rate receiver so you can get an accurate reading using a compatible chest belt such as the DKN Bluetooth heart rate receiver.

Does the warranty cover you for home repair, or does it need to be sent to a repair centre if something goes wrong?

You won't have to send it anywhere if you're unlucky enough to experience a fault. DKN provides a 2-year on-site warranty with this bike so they'll send an engineer to where the bike is located to get it repaired on-site.

Can you change the pedals?

Yes that's no problem. The EB-2400i uses a standard thread used in most road bicycles so it's easy to just unscrew the ones that are there and replace them with your own.

Does it show speed in km or mph?

If you connect a tablet and download the free app, you can select whether you want the speed in KM or MPH.

How easy is it to assemble?

Assembly of the EB-2400i is straight-forward. It shouldn't take more than about 45 minutes to put together.

Can I move it easily once it's built?

This bike is fairly easy to move around thanks to a set of front mounted transport wheels. It tilts forward onto the front wheels so you don't have to lift the whole bike.

Is this a magnetic resistance bike?

Hi. Yes it's magnetic. Where it's different from most other home exercise bikes it that it most bikes use a magnet on a motor that moves closer and further away from the flywheel to generate the resistance. The EB-2400i uses an electromagnet. There is no motor and no moving parts related to the magnet. As you increase the resistance, more electricity passes into the magnet making it more powerful. This is a more reliable system and it's also far more responsive making changes to the resistance levels very fast. This makes this bike ideal for high intensity bursts and interval training.

Would this bike be alright for someone aged 56 who has never used one before and isn't very fit?

Yes, it most certainly would be! The EB-2400i has a very well padded, large and wide saddle making it ideal if you're just getting into cycling. You don't have to be fit to use this bike. It's designed to help get you fit so the starting level of difficulty is very low and you can build up your fitness over time.

What is the heaviest weight it can take?

This bike has been tested up to a max. body weight of 150kg (330.7lbs).

Is the bike mains controled?

Yes, this bike is mains powered.

How much space do I need around the bike?

This bike has a footprint of 112cm x 57cm (44.1” x 22.4”). You should allow about 2ft of space in the direction from which you access it and at least 0.5ft on the other three sides.

Is the seat height adjustable?

Yes, the seat adjusts vertically and horizontally and you can also adjust the angle to ensure you get a comfortable riding position.

I want to lose weight and plan to ride at least 5 times a week. Is it a good choice or should I look for a different model?

Hi, the EB-2400I is tough and will easily withstand frequent and intense use. It also has a number of on-board workouts that focus on weight loss making this a good choice of bike to do the job.

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Really like the bike. Very quiet. Syncs relatively well with the app. The app itself is so-so. A niggle is that when bike syncs to the app, data and control switch to the app, rather than being on both. So, as I always sync, to track my exercise, the decent screen is somewhat superfluous. If you don’t use the app though...

Really like the bike. Very quiet. Syncs relatively well with the app. The app itself is so-so. A niggle is that when bike syncs to the app, data and control switch to the app, rather than being on both. So, as I always sync, to track my exercise, the decent screen is somewhat superfluous. If you don’t use the app though...

Really like the bike. Very quiet. Syncs relatively well with the app. The app itself is so-so. A niggle is that when bike syncs to the app, data and control switch to the app, rather than being on both. So, as I always sync, to track my exercise, the decent screen is somewhat superfluous. If you don’t use the app though...

One of the best things I've bought during lockdown! I aim to be on it 5 mornings per week - I very soon signed up to the Kinomaps app, which is irresistibly competitive. I'm now approaching the 1000 mile mark and have lost about 4 kg in weight. No technical issues whatsoever, though in the manual, the diagram for particularly the electrical connections could be clearer as this requires care. A great product and price.

Bought this brand as I had another bike by DKN and it was amazing quality. Only sold it as I wanted bluetooth so I can use apps with it which change resistance while you work out. This bike is very solid and well built. Took my husband 25 minutes to put together. Took about 3 seconds to connect it to Kinomap. Download the app first and become a member and then connect to the bike . I love the bottle holder and heart rate grip things which are in two sep places. Elbow rests are perfect. The monitor is really easy to use. The bike is really quiet and is really stable. I really enjoyed using the app (Kino) and I think with all the programmes on the bike itself and the app, I will be using it for years to come. It will keep me motivated and challenged and interested. Bike was delivered fast and communication and tracking was also very good. This bike is commercial standard in my opinion , solid as rock . Well worth the price tag.

Very sturdy and robust. Relatively straightforward to construct. Smooth and quiet ride. Resistance levels are quite high, so even at supposedly moderate levels, it's a good challenge. Has all the usual measurements and a good selection of pre-set routines. I would buy it again, having now fully tested it and used it a few times.

Only been using it for a couple of weeks but first impressions are good. Assembly was hampered by very poor instructions that are in the main diagrams with little text. Bike seems well made and is able to take my man sized 20st. Very quiet in operation

Excellent product. Delivery excellent. Stable and well built. Resistance changes instant. Links easily to kinomap. Great product

This bike delivers exactly what I expected it to do! Great purchase.

Very good, and solidly built. 2 minor moans. Programmed routines aren't in difficulty order and seat stalk has too much slack and moves no matter how much you tighten it. But very good

Superb piece of kit would recommend this bike to anyone

I’m very pleased with it with exception that so far I have been unable to make the connection to Kinomap app for iPad.

A very good exercise bike. Stable & solid in use, with very smooth cycle action and resistance level changes are even smoother. Also it's so quiet no one in our house ever knows when i'm using it. Very pleased with it and always look forward to a hard workout. Oh, and for the price very good value !

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