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DKN EMB-600 Exercise Bike

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Built to last, the DKN EMB-600 exercise bike has a heavyweight 16kg (35.2lbs) flywheel to ensure an ultra-smooth pedal movement. At the heart of the EMB-600 is its innovative EMS brake system providing really fast resistance changes to make the bike perfectly suited for high intensity interval training. Thanks to 32 levels of digitally controlled magnetic resistance and a choice of 16 challenging programmes, the machine is great for users of all fitness levels. A blue backlit LCD display is easy to read and user-friendly, whereas 4 user profiles allow for a more personalised feedback. To enable you to maximize training efforts and take on the real-world adventures from the comfort of your home, the intuitive console works with compatible apps through Bluetooth connection. Plus, the machine makes longer riding experience comfortable with a multi-grip handlebar, an adjustable seat with extra-wide, soft padding and oversized cushioned pedals with a 2-degree inward slope.

Our price £999.00
Availability: in stock!



The EMB-600 from DKN is the company’s flagship upright bike. Utilising premium grade components throughout, this outstanding bike weighs 72.3kg (159lbs) making it exceptionally stable. It also has an impressive maximum user weight of 180kg (28stone, 396.8lbs) making it suitable for a wide range of riders and with a heavy-gauge steel frame, commercial class braking system and commercial grade bearings the EMB-600 is a cut above the majority of home-use exercise bikes on the market today.



Many exercise bikes use flywheels that typically weigh around 5 or 6kg. The DKN EMB-600 uses an ultra-heavyweight 16kg (35.2lbs) flywheel to deliver a riding experience that’s as smooth as you’ll find on commercial models costing twice the price. Jump on and enjoy one of the smoothest rides you’ll find on any domestic exercise bike, anywhere in the world.



Into your HIIT training? Like high-intensity bursts of speed? Demand a fast response to your commands? With an electromagnetic braking system that puts ordinary exercise bikes to shame the EMB-600 delivers a super-smooth, fast response and a level of intensity that’ll have you breaking a serious sweat in no time. And, with no moving parts to control the level of resistance it also provides a level of reliability that simply can’t be found on classic magnetic bikes.

Bluetooth Receiver


The EMB-600 features an in-built Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver which delivers superb reliability and improved accuracy. Continuously monitor your heart rate without breaking pace and disrupting your workout and stay safe with accurate, reliable heart rate readings.



Hand over control of your workout to your heart and let it do the talking. Set your target heart rate and the EMB-600 will automatically set, monitor, and adjust the difficulty level to keep you in the ideal training zone so that you get a more efficient workout. Improve your cardio health and lose weight faster using heart rate control.



To guarantee you work as hard as you were planning to, set a power output target up to 350 watts and let the EMB-600 increase the strain until you reach your target power output. The WATT function on this premium bike makes sure that you put the work in, to get the maximum benefit out.



With 12 preset onboard workouts aimed at every ability level, you’ll always have your choice of different workouts to keep you challenged as your fitness improves. Each workout has been designed by a personal trainer to ensure you get an effective exercise every time. You can also create a user-defined workout and save it so that you have your very own personalised programme tailored just for you.



The EMB-600 has been designed incorporating advanced ergonomics to ensure that you get the most comfortable workout possible while also reducing the risk of injury. With a 3-way adjustable saddle, extended handlebar with multi-grip and a 2-degree slope on the oversized pedals, the EMB-600 enables you to get the ideal riding position so that you can exercise in comfort, enabling you to push yourself harder and get results faster.



With a Poly V-belt for ultra-quiet operation and increased lifespan, an electromagnetic braking system with no moving parts, high-grade steel components the EMB-600 is built to withstand the rigours and demands of an active, family home with multiple users. This high-specification upright bike will soak up the pressure and just smile right back at you.

Key features

  • Flywheel: 16kg (35.2lbs)
  • Resistance: 32 levels of computer controlled magnetic resistance
  • Watt Control: 10-500 Watts
  • Drive System: Poly V-belt
  • EMS Brake System: Yes
  • Console: Blue backlit LCD display
  • Console Feedback: Time, speed, distance, calories, Watts, heart rate, RPM
  • Console Programmes: 16 (manual, user-defined, 12 pre-set (4 beginner, 4 advanced, 4 performance), heart rate control, constant Watt programme)
  • User Profiles: 4 (each with age, height, gender and weight)
  • Compatible Applications: Vescape, Kinomap
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Hand pulse sensors + Bluetooth™ smart wireless receiver (chest belt/Cardio Connect tracker optional)
  • Seat: Large padded seat adjustable horizontally and vertically
  • Handlebar: Extended handlebar with Multi-Grip
  • Pedals: Oversized cushioned foot pedals coupled with a 2-degree inward slope
  • Additional Features: Tablet holder, water bottle holder, cooling fan
  • Product Weight: 72.3kg (159lbs)
  • Max. User Weight: 180kg (396.8lbs)
  • Dimensions: Length=120cm (47.2”), Width=58cm (23”), Height=153cm (60.2”)
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Certification: CE/EN 957 Class SA
  • Warranty: 2 years


DKN EMB-600 Exercise Bike

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Will this work with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor?

Yes, the wireless receiver in the console is Bluetooth

Does it have a tablet holder?

Yes, there's a tablet holder built into the console.

Can you change the pedals?

Yes that's no problem. The EMB-600 uses a standard thread used in most road bicycles so it's easy to just unscrew the ones that are there and replace them with your own.

If anything goes wrong with it, where do I have to send it back to for repair?

Hi. The good news is that you won't have to send it anywhere. DKN provides a 2-year on-site warranty with this bike so if you're unlucky enough that something does go wrong, they'll send an engineer to where the bike is located to get it repaired on-site.

Does it have a heart rate monitor?

Yes absolutely. This bike features grip sensors and a Bluetooth™ smart wireless heart rate receiver so you can get an accurate reading using a compatible chest belt such as the DKN Bluetooth heart rate receiver.

Hello - i am looking for a hi quality bike but do not need all the programmes as I'm planning on doing high intensity interval training on it. Does this model have manual mode?

Hi. Yes it does. There's a manual mode so you can just press start and begin your workout. This bike is particularly well suited to the type of training you're planning on doing because of the EMS braking system. This system means that the speed of the resistance changes is much, much faster than on a standard magnetic bike. This makes it ideal for HIIT training.

What are the packaged dimensions?

Hi. The boxed dimensions are 1250mm x 770mm x570mm. The boxed weight is 73kg

Is it battery or mains powered?

The EMB-600 is a mains powered bike.

I'm 6ft 2inch tall. Will this have enough height in the saddle for me?

Hi. Yes, the EMB-600 should be suitable for you. When the seat is fully extended to its maximum height the distance between the top of the saddle and the pedal in its lowest position is approximately 93cm (36.6").

What sort of maintenance does this need?

Hi. This model doesn't require any scheduled maintenance.

Which chest belt works with this bike?

We'd recommend the DKN Bluetooth heart rate sensor but any Bluetooth+ chest belt should work.

How easy is it to assemble?

Assembly of the EMB-600 is straight-forward (it's partially assembled in the box) and shouldn't take more than about 45 minutes.

I plan to use this bike 7 days a week for up to 2 hours per day. This will be a combination of long, steady rides and short intense bursts. Is this model suitable, or do I need to look at something more commercial?

Hi. The EMB-600 will easily cope with that kind of action. The components used in this bike are very high quality and are designed for intensive use.

Your description says that this bike uses EMS brake system. Is this magnetic?

Hi. Yes it's magnetic. Where it's different from most other home exercise bikes is that most bikes use a magnet on a motor that moves closer and further away from the flywheel to generate the resistance. The EMB-600 uses an electromagnet. There is no motor and no moving parts related to the magnet. As you increase the resistance, more electricity passes into the magnet making it more powerful. This is a more reliable system and it's also far more responsive making changes to the resistance levels very fast. This makes this bike ideal for high intensity bursts and interval training.

Is the maximum user weight really 180kg?? The max user weight is important for me so just double checking, thanks.

The maximum user weight on the EMB-600 is indeed 180kg (28.34 stone)

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I had a previous spin bike which broke after only a few weeks and had to be returned. So looked around and decided on this DKN bike. It was fairly easy to build with two people. Had a bolt left at the end M8*50*ipcs. Looked at the instructions again and again but could not find this piece on the instructions. Email DKN and they said it was not needed and not part of build. I have been used to a fixed wheel spin bike and this bike is not fixed wheel but this does not detract from the use of the bike. It is smooth and the resistance easy to set. Easy to connect to Kinomap which controls the resistance. In use the bike is rock steady. I also use iFit quite a lot but have to control the resistance myself but this is so easy to do on this bike. Overall very pleased with this bike.

Really good quality and build. The price we brought it for is amazing. It works smoothly and silently. Instructions to build it were pretty straightforward, most was done by one person, but for some bits needed an extra pair of hands. The system connects seamlessly with my tablet so you can connect it to compatible apps which then control the resistance. It works perfectly alone aswell, with many different set programs for all abilities. Glad I brought this bike.

Good bit of kit - USE KINOMAP!! bought this about a year back, it's pretty good but there's no (maintained) app to get your data from, bit disappointing. Enter kinomap... this is actually pretty good, started using it a couple of weeks' back. Controls the resistance, has programs as well as many alpine mountains etc. And you can get _all_ your power data etc. into garmin, strava etc. And it's not too pricey (compared to peloton etc.). And no I'm not a salesperson.


Amazing bike. Build quality is top drawer. Quiet and comfortable, it’s got heavy resistance at the top end too. There are no downsides to this bike, it’s brilliant and I’m very pleased with it.

I’m a PT and have been using this bike in my classes for the last 6 months and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s rock solid, and is still as quiet now as it was when new. Build quality is excellent. I do a lot of high intensity work in my classes and it’s perfect for this due to the highly responsive resistance changes and the saddle which is comfortable enough that my clients don’t get saddle sore. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quality upright bike.

All the exercise bike I will ever need. Responsive, sturdy, comfortable and very well made.

I’m 6ft 2” and weigh just over 13 stone and am into HIIT. Having burned and bashed my way through several exercise bikes (cost £130 - £300 per bike) in quick succession it became obvious that the way I train and probably my size meant that I needed something better. This bike is a world away from those other models. It doesn’t wobble, there’s no creaking, it’s rock-solid and barely moves when I’m on it. The changes in resistance are really fast which makes it ideal. My only regret is not buying this model first as I’ve already spent nearly this much on all the ones before when you add it all up. So in short, I love this thing! Well worth the money I paid and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality bike, particularly if you’re into HIIT.

Exercise bike is well made and very quiet in operation. My only concern is the software in the DKN iWorld App for I pad is poor. A number of pre programmed routes are listed and these are fine but the facility to create your own route does not work at all. I have tried on various IPads with no luck.

Good exercise bike with ample settings for varied work outs. My only criticism would be the DKN app which is very poor and whilst I didn’t buy because of the app, if there is one it should work properly.

It is easy to assemble (took me less than 40 minutes) and very sturdy. Max user weight of 397lbs is more than enough for a chubby lad like me. Hoping to get back into my healthy lifestyle and this is helping.

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