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DKN EnduRun Folding Treadmill

Our price £1499.00
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The EnduRun from DKN is the brand's top of the range machine treadmill. A premium machine, designed for serious runners, it's powered by a commercial grade 2.5 HP Continuous (4.5 HP peak) AC motor. This motor smoothly and easily drives the belt all the way up to the top speed of 22kph (13.7mph) which is more than enough for the fastest of sprints and the incline range of 0-15% makes the machine versatile and very well suited to those whose primary goal is weight loss. The oversized running deck is very spacious measuring 53cm (21") by 151cm (60") and the finely tuned cushioning system absorbs heel impact whilst providing a firmer surface to push off from. All essential workout feedback is provided on the console via brilliant white LED displays. A great range of built-in programmes include 18 pre-set ones which are designed by a certified personal trainer and the machine has a bluetooth module built-in to allow it to be paired with a phone or tablet and controlled by the Kinomap app.

Our price £1499.00
Availability: in stock!



At 53cm (21”) wide and x 151cm (60”) long, the running area on the EnduRun offers acres of space for you to run on. With plenty of space to move around the deck, you’ll find that regardless of your stature you’ll never need to look down to find your footing or have to worry about running out of space behind you, giving you with the platform you need to perform your runs in safety and with confidence.



The EnduRun is fitted with a commercial grade 2.5 HP continuous duty (4.5 HP peak) AC drive motor for premium performance and outstanding reliability. This type of motor is superior to the DC motors that feature in most other domestic treadmills. With no brushes to wear out, oodles of power and superb responsiveness, the EnduRun's motor delivers outstanding performance with effortless ease.



This high-quality treadmill is designed specifically for use in your home where space is often at a premium and safety is paramount. With a folded footprint of 139cm (54.7”) long and 89.5cm (35.2”) wide the EnduRun lets you train on a large running deck without compromising your valuable space. When you’re done running just lift the deck with ease thanks to the assisted lift anti-drop mechanism, and place it into the folded position to make space for the rest of your day to day activities. 



With a whopping true 15% incline the EnduRun out-performs just about every treadmill in this class. Maximise your training and target your calves, hamstrings and glutes and maximize your cardio workout. Engage in demanding workouts and burn your way through far more calories than while jogging or running on a flat surface thanks to this challenging and effective incline system.



The EnduRun is compatible with Kinomap and can connect to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. If you're just starting out Kinomap has developed some free videos to dovetail with the Couch-to-5k programme. Install Kinomap on your tablet, get your running shoes on and follow the Kinomap videos to gradually build up your fitness so you can eventually run 5km without stopping!



With a challenging top speed of 22kph (13.7mph) the DKN EnduRun is great for HIIT training allowing you to let rip with high-intensity speed-bursts and is also an excellent choice if you’re training for a competition. With quick keys that allow you to select your speed with the single touch of a button, it’s easy to choose when to rest and when to burst out of the traps making it an excellent choice for every kind of training from hilly walks, to gentle jogs and from marathons to sprints and bursts.



The EnduRun features an in-built Bluetooth® Smart wireless heart rate receiver which works with any compatible Bluetooth chest belt to deliver reliable and accurate heart rate readings, allowing you to take advantage of 3 different onboard heart rate control workouts and maximise your cardio training. Get the most out of each and every minute of your run by tracking your heart rate and staying in the optimal training zone for faster results.



Want to track your progress with live training data and keep up-to-date with all your stats including speed, time, distance, calories, pulse and incline? No problem! With the EnduRun’s advanced 2-layer console,  you’ll always know at a glance what you’ve achieved, where you are and how far you have to go at any point in any programme and motivate yourself by seeing your achievements in real-time.



The EnduRun is designed to make sure that you’re in control at all times and in all situations. With large, clear, easy-to-read buttons on the console and speed and incline controls on the handlebars, staying in complete control of your run has never been easier. Set speed and incline levels with the single touch of a button via the quick controls and drop it down a level to catch your breath, or pump it up a notch to push yourself without breaking your stride.

Key features

  • Motor: 2.5 HP continuous duty AC motor (4.5 HP peak)
  • Speed Range: 0.5 - 22kph (0.3 – 13.7mph) with 5 Quick-Speed keys on the console
  • Incline Range: 0-15% with 5 Quick-Incline keys on the console
  • Running Area: 53cm (21”) x 151cm (60”)
  • Deck Thickness: 18mm (0.7")
  • Running Belt: 2.5mm (0.09”)
  • Cushioning: Dual Cushion system
  • Console: 7” LED (main display + 6 smaller feedback displays)
  • Measurement Units: Imperial or metric (switchable)
  • Console Feedback: Programme, speed, time, distance, calories, pulse, incline
  • Programmes: 27 (18 pre-set unique workout programmes designed by a certified personal trainer, 3 user-defined, 3 heart rate controlled, 3 manual target modes (time, distance, calories))
  • User Profiles: 5 (age / gender / weight / height)
  • Compatible Applications: Kinomap
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Pulse grip sensors and Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver (chest strap optional)
  • Folding: Yes, Safety Lock system
  • Additional Features: Dual water bottle holder, tablet holder, music port for iPod/mp3 player, stereo speakers, USB port, Air Cylinder for soft landing
  • Product Weight: 120kg (264.5lbs)
  • Max. User Weight: 150kg (330.7lbs)
  • Dimensions in Use: Length=206.5cm (81.3”), Width=89.5cm (35.2”), Height=157cm (61.8”)
  • Dimensions Folded: Length=139cm (54.7”), Width=89.5cm (35.2”), Height=162cm (63.7”)
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Front Roller Size: 76mm (3”)
  • Rear Roller Size: 50mm (1.9”)
  • Certification: CE/EN 957
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour (must register within 28 days to get 2nd year)


DKN EnduRun Folding Treadmill - User Manual

Product Questions and Answers (16)

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does it come with a warranty?

Yes. In the unlikely event of anything going wrong, DKN’s treadmills all benefit from a comprehensive 2-year on-site warranty.

What type of receiver is used in this for heart rate measurement?

Hi, the EnduRun uses a Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver for better performance compared with standard receivers.

I run for 40 min 4 days a week. Will this model be suitable?

Definitely. The EnduRun has a powerful 2.5 HP Continuous (4.5 HP peak) AC motor which will easily cope with that kind of action.

Does this display speed and distance in miles or kilometres?

Either. You can change the settings from KM to MI in the settings menu.

Is it easy to put together?

The setup is simple and can be completed in just 5 steps. You will find clear and straightforward instructions in the product manual. Assembly requires two persons.

Is this treadmill suitable for a 19 stone man?

The maximum user weight for this treadmill is 150kg (330.7lbs) so it’s perfectly suitable.

what size and weight is the package?

The machine comes in a single box with the following dimensions: Length=223cm (87.8"), Width=96.5cm (37.9"), Height=42.5cm (16.7"). It has a boxed weight of 135kg (297.6lbs).

What are the differences between AC and DC motors?

AC motors are usually used in commercial treadmills, whereas a DC motor is more likely to be found on home-grade treadmills. An AC motor (alternating current motor) is more powerful and reliable than DC motor (direct current motor). DC motors have carbon brushes that emit a fine dust and wear out over time, whilst AC motors are brushless and require little maintenance. The difference in noise levels is also noticeable, as an AC motor is quite a lot quieter than a standard type of DC motor.

Does it have transportation wheels?

Yes, the EnduRun has 4 wheels for easy transportation. Before moving, the treadmill needs to be folded. When moving the machine, make sure that the storage latch is holding the frame securely in a storage position. Moving the machine may require two people.

Is it noisy when in use?

As the machine is fitted with a powerful, reliable and responsive AC motor (normally to be found only on commercial treadmills), it's a lot quieter than models with a standard type DC motor.

Is there a drinks holder?

Yes, the machine has dual water bottle holders.

Is LED display better than LCD screen? I don't know in what way

LCD stands for liquid crystal display and LED is short for light-emitting diode. A great advantage of using a LED display over LCD is that the characters on the screen are always clearly visible in any light conditions. No matter how bright the ambient light, you can easily track your progress.

Does it have any heart rate controlled workouts to choose from?

Yes, the EnduRun offers 3 heart rate controlled workouts (cardio, fat burn and target heart rate).

Is there somewhere to place you tablet while running?

Sure, there is a holder on the console where you can easily put your tablet or a smartphone.

What heart rate monitors are compatible with this treadmill?

Bluetooth based chest belts are compatible.

I am 6ft 3". Is this model suitable for me?

Yes, absolutely. The EnduRun has an oversized running surface (53cm x 151cm) providing plenty of space even for tall runners to move around the deck area comfortably.

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DKN EnduRun Folding Treadmill Reviews

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Good piece of kit Only negative it that for some reason it squeaks quiet loudly on incline setting 4%. Does not to it on higher inclines but will monitor.

I bought this machine 6 months ago. Very happy with it. Just as good as I’m any gym. The sweatband team were great. Very nice and helpful people and went the extra mile to help me get the machine to were I wanted it. Great product and great company.

I’ve owned a number of treadmills and this is right up there with the best of them. It’s outstanding. It looks and feels very well built and it’s absolutely amazing to run on. If it lasts anything like as long as it looks like it will I’ll be using it for a long, long time. Great purchase!

We took delivery of this treadmill last week and couldn’t be happier with it. Setup is easy with not much to do to get it built and it’s simple to use. I’ve been a keen runner for nearly 15 years and this is not my first treadmill, but I’d say that right now it’s the best I’ve owned so far (assuming it keeps performining like this). It’s quiet and responsive, the build quality is excellent and the run I get on it is supremely comfortable. I stayed away from other models that had lots of fancy add-ons as I don’t really need any gimmicks, just a solid treadmill, which this most definitely is. If you’re looking for a basic but high quality tread then you won’t go wrong with this model. Happy customer.

We’ve been using this for 9 weeks now as we bought it to do the couch to 5k plan. I have to say we’re delighted with it - because WE DID IT! My husband and I have BOTH now completed our first 5k run and it feels great:) It’s been great fun doing it on this treadmill, especially on those cold, wet nights recently. It’s very comfortable to run on as the suspension is excellent (I didn’t get my usual shin splints once) and it’s simple to use which is perfect for the couch-5K plan. We both highly recommend this machine. It’s been perfect for us and has really helped us to reach our goal of completing a 5k run. Without it, I doubt we’d have had the will-power to go outside and run on many occasions over the last 9 weeks! The build quality is also superb. 5 stars.

If you’re looking for a proper treadmill, then look no further. This is built like a brick, it’s easy to use and great to run on. I’m a big guy with and this treadmill just feels rock solid. If it lasts as long as it looks like it will, I’m happy.

This is a very good treadmill that hands down beats the ones I was able to try in the shops. It’s on a different level and closer to a gym machine than the home stuff that was on display. I was nervous about ordering something online that I couldn’t see in the flesh first but I needn’t have worried. We’re delighted with it.


The controls are easy to use after a couple of reads of the manual and the display is big and easy to see. There is a lot of room for a tablet on the upper console and a USB charger to plug in to. The speakers on my machine are a waste of time really, quite tinny and and quiet but I use separate Logitech speakers connected with a Bluetooth receiver to my mobile. The hand grip heart rate monitor shows a rate lower than my Wahoo Tickr but that's no surprise as I have a bike and rowing machine they are lower as well. (At 104 on the Wahoo, the treadmill will show around 94/95.) This is a good machine for my needs, beginner but getting better. It is robust and wide enough to not feel cramped and not noisy (easy to hear the radio when I'm using it). Make sure if it goes in a garage that the roof height is okay as it is usually much lower than a house room roof. I'm very happy with it.

Far exceeded my expectations. Arrived quickly and was easy to set up. Large running deck, good incline and feels like a proper gym treadmill. Lots of programs help to keep family interested. Well built and folds up neatly. Would highly recommend.

Ticks all the boxes - sturdy, fast, easy to assemble and looks great as well! Solid and stable even at higher speeds which was something I was concerned about. Really happy with it.

We spent a lot of time researching the right treadmill for us and finally found the EnduRun. This is a really great machine, it is used everyday and we love it. It feels very solid when running, with no give on the flooring. Quiet, robust and fast (this is the main reason we bought it), thus excellent for sprinting and burning fat. Just what we wanted!

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