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DKN RoadRunner Treadmill

Our price £999.00
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Running Machines department.

Powered by a high-torque 2.8 HP continuous duty motor (4.5 HP peak), the DKN RoadRunner offers a top speed of 20 kph (12.4 mph) as well as 15 levels of powered incline. The over-sized running area is supported by DKN’s Progressive Shock Absorption system which, along with the 3.3mm orthopaedic belt, reduces impacts on joints. The console has a large and clear, blue back-lit LCD screen providing feedback on essential workout statistics, whilst accurate heart rate measurements are made possible using the built-in wireless heart rate receiver.

Our price £999.00
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Running Machines department.

Key features

  • Motor: 2.5 horsepower continuous duty
  • Speed: 1-20kph (0.6-12.5mph) with 7 1-Step Speed keys
  • Incline: 15 levels of electronic incline with 7 1-Step Incline keys
  • Running Area: Length= 143 cm (56.3”), Width=53cm (21”)
  • Cushioning: progressive shock absorbing system, hydraulic shock-absorbing system
  • Programmes: 28 (1 manual, 24 pre-set, 2 user defined, 1 heart rate)
  • Display: big sized LCD
  • Heart Rate Measurement: hand-pulse sensors (chest belt transmitter optional)
  • Folding: soft drop
  • Audio: PID (Personal Infotainment Display)
  • Size (in use): Length = 195cm (76.8"), Width = 90.5cm (35.6"), Height = 146cm (57.5")
  • Size (folded): Length = 76cm (30"), Width = 90.5cm (35.6"), Height = 164cm (64.6")
  • Maximum User Weight: 130kg (286Ibs)
  • Product weight: 108kg (238Ibs)
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour.


DKN RoadRunner Treadmill - Manual

DKN RoadRunner Treadmill Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 17 people with average rating of 4.9

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I bought the RoadRunner treadmill to be able to train for half marathon. I’ve used this machine for 3 months now and I’m very satisfied with it. I use it for interval training and this machine always provides me with a decent workout. The RoadRunner is equipped with a relatively powerful motor which handles the big speed changes that are so important in an interval workout with ease. I have no hesitation in recommending the RoadRunner treadmill!

I've used the treadmill at the gym and spent quite a long time deliberating on which treadmill to purchase for home use. Finally I opted for the RoadRunner and must say that this machine is absolutely great! It operates quietly and speeds up the belt smoothly. The running surface is very spacious and feels similar to the machine I had been using at the gym. The folding mechanism is very handy and frees up a decent amount of space when the machine isn't in use. The assembly process was relatively easy, but it definitely requires assistance from a 2nd person. Overall, I'm delighted with this purchase!

I got my RoadRunner after checking that all its features would suit me. Didn’t want treadmill packed with useless gadgets and DKN has exactly what is needed and easy to use. I run on manual setting my incline on 6% to imitate an outdoor running. Using RoadRunner 6 times a week for 70 minutes didn’t experience any technical problems. Installation was an idiot proof, as everything is showed nicely in the manual. Fantastic treadmill!

I use my DKN tread to improve the cardio endurance and to prepare myself for the next year’s half-marathon. Running 4 times a week at an average speed of 12.5kph I use only a manual programme and control incline by myself. No technical problems with the treadmill so far, as the build quality is very solid. I really like the console with the quick speed and incline keys. Great value for money!

I chose the RoadRunner after reading a number of positive reviews about the machine and can say that it's proven to be a really good choice! It's surprisingly quiet and seems rather powerful as the motor has no trouble at all speeding up the belt to quite a high top speed and doing it in a pretty quiet fashion. I particularly like its running surface as it provides great support and feels really soft. It's quite a big treadmill, but with the folding feature, it doesn't really take up that much room when it's not in use.

The build quality on the RoadRunner oozes quality! I enjoy both running and walking on the machine thanks to its spacious deck and thick, soft running belt. The console is very clear and seems to provide quite accurate stats on the exercise sessions and I find that the pre-set programs are rather good and provide me with quite challenging sessions. In summary: a great buy!

I suffer from a chronic blood disorder and need to do some cardio exercise. I’ve purchased this treadmill mainly because of its running surface and footprint when folded. After using it for a few months, I’m quite satisfied with my Roadrunner treadmill. The motor is very quiet and operates the belt smoothly. The orthopedic running belt is just great, as it really does reduce pressure on the knees when walking on it. The console of the is very clear and easy to navigate and I’ve bought a chest strap to be able to monitor my heart rate without keeping my hands on the grips and I think my results seem to be quite accurate. So far, so good.

My DKN RoadRunner treadmill seems pretty sturdy and well-made. It feels comfortable to run on and features an impressively large running area with great cushioning. I really like running on this treadmill as it offers really challenging pre-set programmes and works smoothly. It’s great value for money!

I’m really glad that decided on the Roadrunner treadmill: It has a decent design and a very powerful motor. The Roadrunner operates quietly and speeds up the running belt gently. The quick incline and speed controls are very handy, and the LCD display is clear and easy to read. The installation process didn’t take long and was pretty easy for us. Nice piece of equipment!

I bought this DKN following a friend’s recommendation and it's turned out to be a great recommendation! The motor works quietly and speeds up the running belt effortlessly to any speed I choose. The RoadRunner also feels surprisingly stable even when running at the maximum speed and provides good workout control on the console. I’d definitely recommend the Roadrunner to other as well!

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