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DKN Studio 7400 Multi Gym

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Want to build a perfectly balanced physique? The DKN Studio 7400 is designed to help you achieve just that. This high-quality all in one training hub will help you to build and tone muscle at home through a wide variety of targeted, effective workouts. The 7400 home gym allows you to perform a range of exercises designed to specifically target areas that you want to work on so you can build the body you've always wanted.


Featuring multiple workout stations including a high & low pulley, a dual-action chest station (chest press and pec-deck), an adjustable preacher pad, a one-piece butterfly press and a leg curl station, the 7400 really takes some beating. Whether it’s pulldowns, rows, shoulder raises, bicep curls, chest presses, leg extensions, leg curls, inner / outer leg kicks or any one of the other available exercises the 7400 will help you to efficiently tone and increase muscle in your whole body evenly. Get your chest, back, shoulders, biceps & triceps, core, quads, calves and more burning! 


The upholstery is made to last and to make sure that you’re always comfortable the multi-position seat features extra padding and support and can be adjusted to suit different users. This ensures you’re always in the right position when performing your chosen exercise so that you can train harder for longer. The 80kg (176.4lbs) weight stack provides a practical level of weight resistance for maximum effectiveness.


So, whether you've never lifted a weight in your life or are an experienced gym user, this rugged, hard-wearing, quality multi gym for home use will provide you with the tools you need to build strength, lose fat, tone up and pack on a whole lot of muscle at home!

Our price £599.00
Availability: in stock!



Made from heavy-duty tubular steel, this high-quality multi gym is designed to withstand the rigours of daily use. From the thick-gauge steel frame and high-tensile steel cables right through to every last nut and bolt, the Studio 7400 is built to deliver outstanding reliability, so that you can focus solely on what matters - your training.



With a footprint of just 165cm x 105cm (65" x 41"), the Studio 7400 is especially compact when compared with the equivalent free weight set up. Its diminutive dimensions reduce the amount of space you need to dedicate to your training, helping to keep your living space and your training zone the separate areas they should be.



With a double-pulley system and weight stack guide rods, the Studio 7400 delivers the sort of quiet, smooth workout that you’d expect to find on much more expensive models. The high-tensile steel cables glide through the pulleys without any jerking preventing premature wear and tear and adding years to the life expectancy of this high-quality multi gym.



The 15 weight plates weigh approx. 5kg / 11lbs each for incremental weight increases, while the selector plate on the top weighs 2.5kg / 5.5lbs - perfect for progressively developing your strength one step at a time.



To ensure you get a biomechanically correct workout the Studio 7400 features a padded height-adjustable seat so that you get all the support you need to stay comfortable and safe during your workout. Push yourself harder and with confidence without compromising on safety with the Studio 7400.



Preacher curls are one of the best ways to isolate the biceps to build mass and size. The Studio 7400 features a preacher pad so you can focus on the exact movement of a perfect bicep curl without cheating or cutting the rep short helping you to get a better, more effective workout.



The Studio 7400 allows you to perform a wide range of exercises including pulldowns, rows, shoulder raise, shoulder press, bicep curls, leg extensions, leg curls and inner/outer leg kicks. There’s a dual-action chest station for both a chest press and a pec-deck and a preacher pad to help you perform exercises correctly. Build the physique you want and get a great all-over body workout with the Studio 7400.


The Studio 7400 lets you target the following muscle groups:

1. Quadriceps
2. Hamstrings
3. Calves
4. Chest
5. Back
6. Shoulders
7. Triceps
8. Biceps
9. Forearms
10. Trapezius
11. Abs

Key features

  • Excellent home training hub for complete power training
  • Perform a wide variety of efficient and challenging strength exercises to build the body you've always wanted
  • Suitable for complete power training
  • Compact yet versatile machine designed for a wide range of exercises
  • High and low pulley stations for back exercises
  • Dual-action chest station for both a chest press and a pec-deck
  • Preacher pad to help you work on your biceps
  • Exercises: Pulldowns, rows, shoulder raise, shoulder press, bicep curls, leg extensions, leg curls and inner / outer leg kicks
  • Double pulley system
  • One-piece butterfly press
  • Extra padded, multi-position seat
  • Solid design & build to withstand your training
  • Dimensions: Length=165cm (65"), Width=105cm (41"), Height=210cm (83")
  • Max. User Weight: 150kg (330.7lbs)
  • Weight: 144kg (317.5lbs)
  • Weight Stack: 80kg (176.4lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years


DKN Studio 7400 Multi Gym - User Manual

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Does it have concealed bearings in the pulleys?

Yes, it does

Does this machine have concealed ball bearing pulley system?

Hi, This multi gym has a double pulley system. It offers high and low pulley stations for back exercises such as pulldowns and rows.

I'm quite tall (6ft 4) can I use this?

Yes absolutely!

Hi, is the seat adjustable?

Yes, it is a multi-position seat which is also height adjustable to suit different users.

Can additional weight plates be added to the weight stack?

The weight stack is designed for a fixed number of plates so it's not possible to add extra weight plates to this gym.

Can you do butterflies on this machine?

Yes you can, it has a chest fly station on it.

What is the maximum height of the machine?

The maximum height is 210cm (82.6”).

Does the ankle strap accessory come with this machine?

Yes, the DKN Studio 7400 Multi Gym includes an ankle strap accessory.

Are both the seat and preacher pad height adjustable?

Yes, the main seat and the preacher pad are both height adjustable.

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Great piece of kit. I purchased for my home gym because of lock down. It is a chore to build but well worth it. The bars that come with it are good too but I bought a tricep rope that completes the kit. If you are looking for a solid, reasonably priced home gym then this is for you. I’m medium build and the weight range is more than enough. I did have a small issue but the support at sweatband sorted in a jiffy. So you can buy with confidence. Special mention too for the delivery bhoys from panther logistics, absolute gentleman.

Arrived as ordered, no missing parts and did take around 5hrs to put together - not difficult, just a lot of parts ! My wife and I having been using the gym 3 to 4 times a week for the last 9 months. The weight stack is more than enough and all the pulleys and equipment are of a good quality. I find the gym excellent for the money and have no intention of rejoining my old gym. Would recommend it as a home gym.

Very good multi gym. would highly recommend.

Love this multigym, great value for the price.

Received promptly, took 2 of us to put together quite easily eventually, very very pleased with the product and we have had hours of workouts on the machine without any problems, bet thing I did in Lockdown was to install my own Gym.

I purchased this for my son and I to use during Lockdown. The gym has been used regularly and is still working efficiently with no sign of wear after 9 months of use. It did take a while to put together so you need to allow a few hours for this.

Excellent gym and build quality. I use 4-5 times a week and have no complaints. Only a small issue but there is some movement when using the preacher curl pad due to only using a lock pin to secure.

Very sturdy machine, Weights pulleys nice and smooth just wished their was a better exercise program planner with a lot more exercises for the DKN studio 7400 multi gym.I liked how all the parts were marked out and the order too assemble the gym, made it a lit easier

Delighted with this multigym. It's great value for money and relatively easy to build if you're patient. Only minor criticism on the build is that the pictures shown at the stage the pulley wheels are added could be clearer. Thoroughly enjoying using it now.

Great product for a home gym. The assembly was straight forward, however putting the cables and pulleys took an age. But once completed it’s a great bit of kit.

Great piece of kit easy to assemble good value

The gym was a gift to my husband. He is please overall however there is a flaw in the design of the gym which is not as expected

Cracking bit of equipment very sturdy and robust can’t get my 17 year son off it great value for money definitely recommend it

Very, very good gym. Follow the instructions to the letter and the build is pretty easy. Once built, it’s smooth and very sturdy indeed.

I absolutely love this gym. The build quality is amazing and the weight stack is the heaviest I could find for the money. Worth every penny.

Easy to set up, although it would be easier if undertaken by two people. It would have been nice to have a more comprehensive description of the relevant exercises, especially as the one page images which came with the equipment do not show the Studio 7400. I also would have appreciated having an exercise programme enclosed with the equipment, rather than having to surf the net to find something suitable.

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