DKN Studio 7400 Multi Gym  
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DKN Studio 7400 Multi Gym

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Want to build a perfectly balanced physique? The DKN Studio 7400 is designed to help you achieve just that. This high-quality all in one training hub will help you to build and tone muscle at home through a wide variety of targeted, effective workouts. The 7400 home gym allows you to perform a range of exercises designed to specifically target areas that you want to work on so you can build the body you've always wanted.


Featuring multiple workout stations including a high & low pulley, a dual-action chest station (chest press and pec-deck), an adjustable preacher pad, a one-piece butterfly press and a leg curl station, the 7400 really takes some beating. Whether it’s pulldowns, rows, shoulder raises, bicep curls, chest presses, leg extensions, leg curls, inner / outer leg kicks or any one of the other available exercises the 7400 will help you to efficiently tone and increase muscle in your whole body evenly. Get your chest, back, shoulders, biceps & triceps, core, quads, calves and more burning! 


The upholstery is made to last and to make sure that you’re always comfortable the multi-position seat features extra padding and support and can be adjusted to suit different users. This ensures you’re always in the right position when performing your chosen exercise so that you can train harder for longer. The 80kg (176.3lbs) weight stack provides a practical level of weight resistance for maximum effectiveness.


So, whether you've never lifted a weight in your life or are an experienced gym user, this rugged, hard-wearing, quality multi gym for home use will provide you with the tools you need to build strength, lose fat, tone up and pack on a whole lot of muscle at home!

Our price £379.00
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Excellent home training hub for complete power training.
  • Perform a wide variety of efficient and challenging strength exercises to build the body you've always wanted
  • Suitable for complete power training
  • Compact yet versatile machine designed for a wide range of exercises
  • High and low pulley stations for back exercises
  • Dual-action chest station for both a chest press and a pec-deck
  • Preacher pad to help you work on your biceps
  • Exercises: Pulldowns, rows, shoulder raise, bicep curls, leg extensions, leg curls and inner / outer leg kicks
  • Double pulley system
  • One-piece butterfly press
  • Extra padded, multi-position seat
  • Solid design & build to withstand your training
  • Dimensions: Length=165cm (64.9”), Width=105cm (41.3”), Height=210cm (82.6”)
  • Max. User Weight: 150kg (330.7lbs)
  • Weight: 144kg (317.5lbs)
  • Weight Stack: 80kg (176.3lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years

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I'm quite tall (6ft 4) can I use this?

Yes absolutely!

Hi, is the seat adjustable?

Yes, it is a multi-position seat which is also height adjustable to suit different users.

Can additional weight plates be added to the weight stack?

Unfortunately not, it is not possible to add extra weight plates to the weight stack .

Can you do butterflies on this machine?

Yes you can, it has a chest fly station on it.

What is the maximum height of the machine?

The maximum height is 210cm (82.6”).

Does the ankle strap accessory come with this machine?

Yes, the DKN Studio 7400 Multi Gym is delivered with an ankle strap accessory.

Are both the seat and preacher pad height adjustable?

Yes, the main seat and the preacher pad are both height adjustable.

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DKN Studio 7400 Multi Gym Reviews

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The instructions need to be clearer, as some of the parts are not separated and easily mistakes can happen. Otherwise fantastic piece of kit

Good multi gym. My son is on it regular. Was easy to assemble following the guide and quick delivery

Solid multi gym. A bit of a task to build but once completed we were very pleased. Quality item that is definitely value for money.

Excellent sturdy, well made kit! Takes a while to assemble but worth it!

Excellent multi gym does more than i can handle so far! Although a lot of work to build providing you work through the fixings logically absolutely no drama

Love this bit of kit. Took a while to set up but once i did it easy enough to crack on with your workout. Probably wont ever use all the weight that come with it but you can push yourself as hard as you want then or just have a nice chilled session doing lots of lower weight reps. Pull downs can be a bit of a pain because its a bit crammed but otherwise ok. Well worth the money.

Very happy with this product. Good quality Would recommend

An excellent product, and really good value for money. It takes a little time to assemble it, which is par for the course, but it operates very smoothly, and with more than enough weight for most home trainers. I have trained with weights for over 45 years, and would thoroughly recommend the DKN Studio 7400 Multi Gym. You could pay much more for some of the big brand names, and not get a better gym. Sweatband provided excellent service and excellent delivery. First class, all round!

Easy to assemble, instructions were bang on although cables were a little tough

Excellent sturdy multi gym with more than enough weights, as others have said takes a long time to put together, instructions quite clear but could be better for more detailed parts. Overall great purchase and delivery was on time with plenty of communication.

Take time putting together ,once together fantastic piece of kit. Very well made and good value. I looked at several before settling on this model and glad I did. Does all I need it to do

After about 1 year of use I can say that this multi-gym has fully met expectations. It's an excellent product to form the heart of a home gym, being sturdily made and easy to use. Initial assembly isn't for the faint-hearted, but if you can build Meccano, you'll be fine (and you only have to do it once!). All in all, good value for money and well worth buying.

be patient if you build it yourself but other than 20 pages of build instructions this is a fantastic gym, my son loves it and likes to use daily great arm, leg and weights options very strong good price great quality AAAAAAA+++++++

The Multi Gym has helped the whole family keep fit.We have lost a combined total weight of 3.5 stones a family of 3..Only wish we had gotten one sooner as its ideal for the family.


Nice compact multi gym, works well but it took a while to put together!! 100's of nuts & bolts although they were all packed in order of build it took a while to fathom out which pulley to use in which slot. Overall satisfied:)

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