Viavito PlayCase 5ft Outdoor Folding Table Tennis Table View

Viavito PlayCase 5ft Outdoor Folding Table Tennis Table

Great for the garden, spontaneous matches in the park and weekend getaways, the Viavito PlayCase is a lightweight and portable 5ft folding table tennis table designed for outdoor use. The table offers an ideal playing height for children and has a practical briefcase style when folded to let you take your game anywhere you want. Featuring a 4mm ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) top, the PlayCase is durable, weatherproof and ensures a consistent ball bounce. To provide a level playing surface, there are adjustable feet, whilst its compact design enables you to easily set the table up in the kid’s room or a living room on a rainy or windy day. To make it perfect for holiday outings, the table weighs only 8.4kg (18.5lbs) and has a carry handle ensuring comfortable transportation. Plus, the PlayCase includes a net and post set and a children’s bat set with 2 bats and 3 balls. Simply unfold the table, pop in the net and enjoy the game!

Mega Thrill Kids Indoor Play Set View

Mega Thrill Kids Indoor Play Set

Enjoy exciting indoor fun and show off your skills using the 3-in-1 Mega Thrill kids play set. Designed to let you add a new dimension to your gameplay and keep entertained at home, the kit offers the Wicked Indoor Booma boomerang, the Wicked Sky Spinner Ultra LED trick disc and the Duncan Hornet yo-yo. The Booma is a returning flying toy with a flight range of 4-6m (13-19.7ft). Made of specially engineered soft memorang foam, the boomerang won’t cause any damage and can be safely thrown around larger rooms or even in the garden. The Sky Spinner Ultra LED is a hand-propelled spinning trick disc that lets you easily spin up to 5 minutes and perform an array of cool-looking tricks and stunts. It features 3 different light settings to create eye-catching glow patterns in the dark. The Duncan Hornet is made to help you sting the competition with a high-performance looping yoyo with Starburst response system and a ball-bearing axle for long spin times. It is competition-ready and perfect for learning advanced looping tricks.

Wilson NCAA Pro Mini Hoop View

Wilson NCAA Pro Mini Hoop

The Wilson NCAA Pro mini hoop is designed for fast basketball play in any room of the house. It features a 28cm (11’’) x 38cm (15’’) clear polycarbonate shatter-proof backboard and a durable 9” (23cm) rim made of steel. The mini hoop is suitable for children and adults alike and ensures quick and easy assembly and mounting over the door. It is great for practising shots without having to leave your room and offers foam padded door brackets that prevent scuffing and damaging your doorway. Plus, this lightweight (1.2kg) mini hoop comes complete with a 4.5” (11.4cm) rubber basketball and has NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and Wilson logos on the sides.

Viavito Super Strike 4 Player Badminton Set View

Viavito Super Strike 4 Player Badminton Set

The Viavito Super Strike is a 4-player adult badminton set designed to let you set up a game in the park or garden, get your friends and family involved and get those competitive juices flowing! This easy to use and portable set contains everything you need to get the game started. It includes 4 durable, powerful, head heavy balanced Super Strike 4000 rackets providing reliable performance and easy manoeuvrability. Also, it contains a full-size net, 2 solid and durable posts, a tube of 3 V300 nylon shuttlecocks and handy court markers. Great for having fun and learning basic badminton skills, the set is an ideal choice for beginners and recreational players. It is quick and easy to set up anywhere you want and guarantees space-efficient storage after the game. The Super Strike comes complete with a practical carry case to protect all the items and ensure comfortable transportation.

Wicked Indoor Booma Boomerang View

Wicked Indoor Booma Boomerang

The Wicked Indoor Booma boomerang is a fun flying toy designed to let you throw and catch like a pro in the comfort of your home or garden. This returning boomerang offers a flight range of 4-6m (13-19.7ft) and can be ‘tuned’ for different flights. It is great for kids and adults alike and comes with full throwing instructions. The boomerang has an innovative, advanced tri-blade design to ensure an accurate return flight. Plus, it is made of soft memorang foam making it lightweight, safe and durable.

Yoga Mad Yoga Kit Bag View

Yoga Mad Yoga Kit Bag

Designed for Iyengar yoga enthusiasts, the kit bag from Yoga Mad has capacity for 4 full blocks, 1 mat, 2 bricks, 1 blanket and 1 belt. This stylish, functional bag features a side pocket with embroidered Om, as well as an end pocket for all the necessities. It can be used as a mat bag for Yoga Mad 15mm Pilates mats and is also suitable for those who want to carry a mat, towel and practice wear to the gym. An extra-long YKK zip provides easy loading and unloading, whereas long handles ensure comfortable transportation of the gear.

York Resistance Tube with Handles View

York Resistance Tube with Handles

The York resistance tube with handles is designed for low-impact total body workouts and helps to improve joint mobility, strength and flexibility. This lightweight and practical resistance tube is made for users of all fitness levels and allows for adding challenge and variety to your workouts. It can be used during yoga practice or Pilates workouts and features ergonomically designed and padded easy grip handles delivering a firm and comfortable hold. Ensuring easy portability and space-efficient storage, the tube is ideal for use at home, in the office or while travelling. Plus, the tube is easy to use and suitable for rehabilitation purposes.


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