Head i.110 - Squash Racket  

Head i.110 - Squash Racket

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The revolutionary HEAD intellifibres of the Head i.110 stiffen the racket during ball impact and give it an inconceivable amount of power. HEAD intellifibres also eliminate 20% of the vibrations upon impact of the ball. Featuring PowerFrame technology for incredible stability and PowerPattern for a maximum sweetspot.

Intelligence technology is a high-tech application of advanced concepts that controls the performance of products and systems, operating them at their most efficient levels. Apart from HEAD Squash, these intelligent systems have up to now only been used for military and civilian aircraft construction, in space travel and in automobile construction of world leading corporations.


Our price £47.98
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Swing Style Rating: Power
  • Beam: 19.5 mm
  • Head Size: 495 cm²
  • Weight (unstrung): 110-130 g
  • Balance (unstrung): 355-375 mm
  • Length: 685 mm
  • Grip: ComforTac™
  • String pattern: PowerPattern™, 12/17
  • 3/4 cover included


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Is there any warranty on the racket

A 1 year manufacturer warranty is provided on this product.

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I've played two matches with this so far and won (this is unusual)! This is a lightweight, yet strong racquet and allows you to slam the ball when necessary. I like it

I played with it twice, don’t recall making contact with any object aside from the ball, and the frame snapped. Whilst in use the racket is fantastic, if you prefer a lighter one, and I’d (reluctantly, albeit it) buy again.

While it may take some time to get used to the small sweet spot in this racket it has become my racket of choice. It delivers a great balance of power and control.

Excellent racket and very reasonably priced.

These ones seem to be fine. Lightweight racket but with good power. I had to buy a replacement as the one I bought from you in November had a cracked frame in it in February, when I had not played much squash due to being injured. I cannot fault the delivery: ordered one day and delivered the next.

Great value two pack racket which plays really well.

comfortable grip size, light weight but sturdy enough for the team games.......excellent service: ordered on Monday and received by Tuesday lunchtime

Authenticity and value for money rolled into one.

Great for all levels, very light to hold and dependable but I advise restringing sooner rather then later.

love it and fantastic value for money. delivery was good too. would not hesitate to us them again

Strong and light racket, makes a big difference to my game

This racket is the best racket I have ever used. A lightweight racket which is easy on the wrist with loads of power. Try it.

Very light but powerful racket. Bought pair for myself and 12 year old son and we both love them.

Nice and light, good head to handle weight, cheap to replace !

Good versatile racket. Decent control but not a great deal of power but manoeuvrability makes up for it!

Great racket - very good value bought as a double pack. Lightweight and robust it is great for general game but is a bit light to get any real power behind shots.

Great value racquet. Very light and ideal for intermediate players. Sweatband service was excellent as ever

Fantastic service from sweatband. I wasn't expecting delivery till Monday and was gobsmacked when it arrived 24 hours after I ordered. A+

Great racquet, great price, great value...couldn't be better.

Very good experience. Will definitely recommend

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