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Head YouTek IG Tour 120 Squash Racket

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The Head YouTek IG Tour 120 squash racket is exclusive to Sweatband and a great choice if you are looking to add some real power to your game. The 500cm2 (77.5in2) head size combines with the D30 braided graphite to deliver exceptionally powerful shots. The racket also features Head’s Innegra technology: this is a vibration dampening material used in the frame that ensures you can generate all that power and still get a softer feel on your arm. The frame is easily manoeuvrable as it is evenly balanced and weighs just 120g (4.23oz).

Our price £54.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Head Size: 500cm2 (77.5in2)
  • Frame Weight: 120g (4.2oz)
  • Balance: 335mm (Even)
  • Beam Width: 20mm
  • Length: 27” (685mm)
  • Strung with the Perfect Power string
  • String Pattern: 12x17
  • Grip Name: Ultra Soft Tour
  • Full length cover included


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I want to know if replacement grommets are available to purchase when the old ones become worn?

Replacement grommets are available to purchase.

I note that this racket is exclusive to sweatband, does this mean I'm going to have trouble acquiring grommet strips for them or can you supply them??

Dear customer, yes, you can easily restring the racket.

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Head YouTek IG Tour 120 Squash Racket Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 27 people with average rating of 4.9

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Excellent racket for the money good balance

Great pair of rackets for the price. Super speedy delivery!

Great racket. Nice blend of power and touch. Being even balance makes it manoeuvrable yet powerful.

Well balanced and very light

A vast improvement on the Head Xenon a bought 18 months ago. Very light and maneuverable. Great power and control, seamimgly large sweatspot where the ball literally pings off the strings! Perfect for an improving player just breaking into the league's.

Great well balanced racket with good feedback

Lovely racket, have used it for a couple of months now, added real power to my game but still very accurate and as nice a touch as my last racket (Dunlop Aerogel). Only possible downside is how light it is, had a bit of a twitch in the elbow, but common sense would say choose a heavier racket - can't fault it, great racket and about to order another.

Its a fantastic all round racket.Well balanced with excellent power and lots of feel and feedback for touch play.I'm glad i purchased the pair deal.!!!! I'm as happy as a dog with two tails.!!!!.

Nicely balanced racket

I visited the Sweatband store as I needed to replace my heavier Dunlop racket due to it causing problems with my wrist. This Head racket has completely changed my game and I have absolutely no regrets in buying it! Power has increased significantly and I no longer have wrist problems. I will look at replacing the factory strings soon, but right now I'm just enjoying playing with it. I can't recommend highly enough!

I play at an intermediate club level and it's made a huge difference to my game. I have much more control on my shots due to the good balance of the racket, but am still able to generate good power when I need. Big fan of this racket!

I have been using this racket for many years and am very pleased with feel and power of the racket

I love it. I was torn between this racquet, a Prince Airstick, or the tecnifibre carboflex 125. I'm delighted I decided to not splash out extra for the carboflex. This racquet is nice and light, quite head light but not as much as the carboflex 125 so it feels much more stable hitting the ball without too much sacrifice in feeling quick for volleying. As it came with string it weighed 161grams. Despite having just got a stringing machine I haven't brought myself to take out the factory strings and re-string it myself because I'm enjoying so much how it feels to play at the moment.

Although only used once so far due to injury, racket has a good feel to it and for me has more power in the head than other rackets I have used recently. Would buy again.

New to squash I bought a prince only to find it too advanced for me with the smaller sweet spot, had to have it restrung recently and I had my eye on this racket for a while but was unsure. was best move I made, I now have absolutely no excuses at all. This is a very light evenly balanced racket with both power and touch, I got my prince back and all though a very good racket I just could not play with it anymore after using the new Head Youtek. Also was little bit unsure about the colour before it came all though if was a good racket would not be bothered, and when it came i think the lime green is a nice colour so all round winner for me.

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