Holga Camera Starter Kit (Colour)  
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Holga Camera Starter Kit (Colour)

Our price £49.99
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Gifts For Him department.

The amazing colour-flash technology - responsible for quite a lot of heat and bother among the Lomographic crowd - has now been extended to the iconic medium-format Holga. Using a combination of coloured flash light and a long shutter exposure, this innovative item can create some of the most mind-blowing images that you have ever seen. When this new functionality is paired with the Holga's already hectic characteristics (soft focus, light leaks, vignetting), the results are devastating.

Everything you need to start your Holga career is right here at your quivering fingertips. Read the manual, pour over the full colour poster,  pop in the batteries, load up the film, square your jaw, tape up the seams, squint your eyes, breathe slowly and evenly, and release the shutter. You are on your way.

Our price £49.99
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Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Gifts For Him department.

Key features

  • Free yourself from rulesHolga neither knows nor respects any rules. Its sheer simplicity is your key to power. Think of the Holga not as a camera, but as paintbrush, liberally splashing your medium-format canvas with exactly the elements that you choose. Envision your desires and manipulate your Holga to bring them into reality.
  • Embrace random resultsHolga is a loose cannon; an unpredictable partner who sometimes makes its own decisions despite your most strident attempts at control. Many times, your best creations will be the result of your most foolish mistakes or oversights. Don't fight it! Roll with the punches and stay flexible.
  • Disarm your subjectsHolga is not one to be taken seriously. It looks oversized, clumsy, a little toy-like, and definitely not intimidating. Your subjects will relax, have fun, and open up for your lens. Go with this. Natural is best - let yourself flow right along with Holga's innate power to strip away pretence and posturing.
  • Engage individualityEach Holga is unique and different from the rest. Some produce brighter images, some more colourful images. Some leak light through the back, some through the side, and some don't leak at all. Each Holga is an individual, and will leave its special signature on every photograph that it takes. Appreciate these inherent quirks and seek to employ several Holgas for a range of results.
  • Get Your Hands DirtyThe simplistic mechanics of Holga invite you to play with them. Dive inside its inner workings and find out what makes the Holga tick. Experiment with different modifications and treatments. Tape up the sides, slap a filter on the lens, pinhole the lens cap. When your camera wears out - cut the springs, streak the lens, or pull out the guts. Experiment and innovate.Beginwith the modifications in our instruction book.
  • FiltersIf the Colour Flash feature has opened the door for new Holga creativity, then this amazing set of filters has blown it clean off! The Holga Filter Set contains three series of distinct plastic filters, and a universal plastic mount to hold them right in front of your lens.
  • Soft Surround (Red, Blue, Orange, Grey)A clear little circle island sits within an frosted, coloured sea. The centre of your image is plucked out of the surrounding noise, and forcefully thrust into the attention of your audience. The background fades away in a dim, soft wash of blur.
  • Solid Colour (Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue)

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