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Kettler Alpine Elliptical Cross Trainer

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Compact, smooth, quiet and comfortable, the Alpine elliptical cross trainer from Kettler, a brand synonymous with quality, is an ideal way to get a full body workout in your own space and in your own time.


Kettler are one of the leading names in home fitness for a reason. Their products always deliver high quality and great value for money.


The Alpine elliptical features an 8kg (17.6lbs) flywheel that produces a smooth and consistent motion, making your daily workout enjoyable and safe. There are 16 levels of computer-controlled magnetic resistance, making it quick and easy to adjust the intensity of your workout and you can choose from manual mode or 12 pre-set programmes ranging from beginner to advanced. You can also create your own programme tailored to your personal needs.


With 4 user profiles the Alpine allows you and 3 other users to enter your personal information ensuring that your training data is based on your individual statistics, delivering the most precise feedback possible. With body fat readings and fitness test functions the Alpine makes it easy for you to track your progress and see how you're improving, providing great motivation to keep going. All your training data is clearly displayed on the blue backlit LCD making it easy to keep an eye on your performance during your workout.


With built in wireless heart rate receiver, pulse alarm, oversized footplates, a wide variety of training options and Kettler’s 3 year on-site parts and labour guarantee, the Alpine really packs a punch when it comes to value for money, safe and effective training and peace of mind.

Our price £269.00
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Flywheel Weight: 8kg (17.6lbs)
  • Resistance: 16 levels of magnetic computer-controlled resistance
  • Stride Length: 34cm (13")
  • Console Display: Blue backlit LCD display with perspiration-resistant keys
  • Console Feedback: Speed, time, distance, rpm, pulse, calories
  • Programmes: 12 pre-set, manual, user programme + body fat, pulse recovery fitness tests and personalized fitness programme
  • User Profiles: 4
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Pulse sensors on handlebars, Polar compatible wireless receiver (chest strap optional)
  • Other Features: Alarm when max pulse is exceeded
  • Footplates: Oversized comfortable footplates
  • Transport: Transport castors at front and height adjustment at rear
  • Dimensions in Use: Length=130cm (51.2"), Width=55cm (21.6"), Height=160cm (63")
  • Max. User Weight: 120kg (264.5lbs)
  • Product Weight: 38.5kg (84.8lbs)
  • Power: Mains
  • Warranty: 3 years parts and labour


Kettler Alpine Elliptical Cross Trainer - User Manual

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We're quite tight for space in our flat. Are there any cross trainers smaller than this one?

Hi. You can usually always find something smaller if you keep looking but a lot of the time the quality of machines can suffer if they're any smaller than this one. We'd say that with a footprint of just 130x55cm the Alpine is just about as small a cross trainer as you'll come across where you won't be sacrifcing on quality.

Hi. I'm just over 6ft tall. Will this be suitable for me?

Hi there. If you're 6ft or more then most likely you'll find the Alpine a little resitrictive with it's 13" stride. For a person of your height we'd recommend looking at a model with a minimum of a 16" stride length.

Is this a mains powered model?

Yes. The Alpine is a mains powered elliptical.

What kind of chest belt will work with this model?

The Alpine is compatible with all UNCODED HR transmitters operating on a 5 Khz frequency. Examples are the Polar T31 uncoded and the DKN HR transmitter, there are plenty of others out there readily available. Please note that it must be an uncoded transmitter. Coded transmitters such as the ones you get with many sports watches are not compatible.

How loud is it?

The Alpine uses a magnetic braking system so there is no friction being used as a means of generating resistance. This makes it very quiet. Obviously it's a machine with moving parts so it does make a little noise while in motion but it should be quiet enough to use while other people in the household are sleeping without disturbing them.

How long does it take to assemble this cross trainer?

For most people, assembling the Alpine will take around an hour

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Ace piece of kit, love it so far and would put it in the 'gym-standard' category.

My partner hand I have had this cross trainer for about 6 weeks now and have become completely addicted to it! It's quiet to use so we don't end up disturbing each other and it gives you a really good workout. We've been quite unfit for a while now and this has already helped us boost our energy levels. It's already at the point where if I miss a day I really miss it! We're both very happy with it and would recommend it if like us you're trying to get fitter.

The Alpine is exactly what I was after: a smooth elliptical that doesn't take up half of my bedroom! Not used any of the programs yet, but can confirm that this is easy to use in manual mode.

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