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Longridge 5in Pencil Bag

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The Longridge 5" Pencil Bag is made from rip stop water resistant nylon. The dual strap makes certain weight is spread evenly across both shoulders and the generous pockets allow you to carry all your essentials.

Our price £17.99
Availability: Please choose colour for stock availability information

Key features

  • Constructed from rip stop water resistant nylon
  • Light weight
  • Compact foldable design
  • Dual strap
  • Includes towel holder, umbrella holder and glove holder

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How long is the bag?

The dimensions of the bag are as follows: 90 x 35 x 5 cm

Can i use this product to carry on a motorcycle?

Yes you can - just pay extra attention before ride if everything is safely locked in the bag to not cause any danger on road.

What weight is this bag and how many clubs could it carry?

The weight of this bag is 700g and it is suitable for a half set which is around 7 clubs.

Does the bag have a hood cover?

Unfortunately this product does not come with a hood cover.

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Longridge 5in Pencil Bag Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 19 people with average rating of 4.3

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It's a pencil golf bag.

This is a present for our 6 Yr old grandson as far as we're concerned it's the best possible bag at this time as he would struggle to carry a single strap bag

i bought this item from amazon through mr r pratt. it is advertised as holding half a set and i found this not to be the case. it is top heavy and unmanageable and having played on the ladies tour as a professional i think im in a position to judge. i am very disappointed in what you claim and poor description of the product. i would have wanted to return but noticed its within 14 days of purchase. my point is how do you know until you try the bag.

Really useful for travelling and for general purposes - it's so light! Although the straps are a bit fiddly and the bag would be better still if it were 2 inches longer, I'm really pleased with the bag.

Not as comfortable as my Nike bag but was half the price. Bit of a bargain from Sweatband.

Very fit for purpose

A great buy

It should be made clear that this is a bag for Juniors. It cannot safely carry full size clubs without the risk of them dropping out. For example a driver would be about 15 inches longer than the bag. That said for the price, the bag is well made with good pocket space. For me it became a reasonably cheap way of getting a double shoulder strap that I have fitted to convert my other golf bag.

For the price this has to be 5 stars. I use it to take a few clubs to the range but I think you could almost get 14 in. Would be great for quick post work rounds in the summer or if playing by yourself with a half set. Surprisingly there is a decent amount of storage for an additional jumper, gloves, tees, balls etc. The one thing I don't like is the strap. A simpler one shoulder strap would work much better.

Grandson has yet to take bag to the course but it does appear to be as advertised.

Real value for money if you just want to carry a few clubs

Great little bag for carrying when trolleys aren’t allowed on the course. Good value too!

Just what I wanted. Lightweight, convenient and carries the clubs that I need. First impressions on the build quality are also positive.

Very handy and very comfortable to carry. Useful when you are just going to practice on a driving range so you don't have to carry the whole lot with you.

Excellent value for money

Lightweight and well made

Bag is fine

Ideal! Lightweight and practical! Great buy!!

Excellent quality product. Delivery and service was very good too. I would recommend using again

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