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NordicTrack FS9i FreeStride Trainer

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The NordicTrack FS9i FreeStride trainer is a 3 in 1 fitness machine designed to combine the benefits of a stepper, treadmill, and an elliptical cross trainer. It lets you run, step or stride to allow for versatile, high-powered workouts and help to keep your entire body toned and fit. For fluid and quiet action, the trainer has a 9kg (20lbs) flywheel, whilst to flawlessly fit your natural stride, there is a 32'' (81cm) auto-adjustable stride. The machine offers a decline/incline range of -10°-10° and 26 digital levels of Silent Magnetic Resistance to deliver fast results for weight loss and toning. To let you enjoy picturesque workouts in exotic locations, the FS9i is fitted with a 10” full-colour touchscreen display. It is compatible with iFit® Coach technology (1-year Family membership included) to give you access to over 16.000 video workouts and provide interactive personal training in the comfort of your home gym. For quick and accurate heart rate measurement, the trainer features Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver and an included chest belt. Comfort features include oversized, cushioned pedals, Autobreeze™ workout fan and Soft Touch™ upper body grips. Plus, there is a built-in sound system with dual 2” Bluetooth speakers to bring entertainment to your fingertips.

Our price £1999.00
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Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Three machines in one, the FreeStride trainer combines a stepper, treadmill, and elliptical in a single fitness machine
  • Flywheel: 9kg (20lbs) Inertia Enhanced flywheel
  • Resistance: 26 digital levels of SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance with QuickTouch™ console and handlebar controls
  • Decline/Incline Range: -10°-10° power-adjustable incline with QuickTouch™ console and handlebar controls
  • Stride Length: 32'' (81cm) auto-adjustable stride
  • Console: 10” full-colour touchscreen display
  • Console Feedback: Several display modes available (the display mode that you select will determine which workout information is shown). The screen can show: Calories, distance, pulse, RPM, speed, time, incline, resistance
  • Programmes: Manual mode, access to 50+ video workouts and a daily updated map based workout
  • Interactivity: iFit® Coach Enabled (1-year Family membership included)
  • All programmes, as well as iFit® Coach require a Wi-Fi based Internet connection
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver (chest strap included) Entertainment: iPod®/mp3 player compatible Bluetooth audio, dual 2-inch speakers, tablet holder
  • Additional Features: Water bottle holder, oversized levelers
  • Cooling Fan: Autobreeze™ workout fan
  • Pedals: Oversized cushioned pedals
  • Workout Arms: Soft Touch™ upper body grips
  • Dimensions: Length=157cm (61.8”), Width=74cm (29.1”), Height=174cm (68.5”)
  • Transport Wheels: Yes, rear-mounted
  • Max. User Weight: 170kg (375lbs)
  • Product Weight: 128kg (282.2lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour (must register within 28 days of purchase for 2nd year of coverage)


NordicTrack FS9i FreeStride Trainer - User Manual


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