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NordicTrack T12 Si Treadmill Folded  

NordicTrack T12 Si Treadmill

Our price £749.00
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Running Machines department.

The NordicTrack T12 Si Treadmill has 18 programmes - 12 Pre-programmed, speed and incline combined programmes, 4 Create and Save and 2 Heart Rate programmes to increase calorie burning and improvements in aerobic capacity.

It also has iFit SD card technology which controls the speed and incline of your treadmill, verbally prompt you and come in a variety of result-specific categories - including Weight Loss, Wellness, Performance and more. As standard, the innovative SpaceSaver is fitted to this treadmill, therefore you can fold up out of the way when not in use.

One-Touch incline and speed control allows you to change those important variables as you workout, while the huge 51 x 152 cm treadbelt provides more than enough room to exercise.

Our price £749.00
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Running Machines department.

Key features

  • Motor: 3 HP continuous duty commercial grade
  • Maximum Speed: 20 kph (12.5 mph)
  • Incline: 0% to 12% Quick Incline
  • Running Belt: Width = 51cm (20"), Length = 150cm (60")
  • Feedback: 4 numeric LED Windows + track / scrolling LED window
  • Programmes: 12 preset speed and incline combined programmes, 4 user defined and 2 heart rate control programmes
  • Cushioning: The Dura Soft 5 Adjustable Cushioning
  • Audio: Intermix Acoustics 2.0 speaker system
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Hand grip pulse sensors + wireless receiver
  • Folding: Yes - EasyDrop Shock with Self-Locking Latch
  • Size (in use): Length = 201cm (79") , Width = 88cm (34.6"), Height = 139cm (55")
  • Size (folded): Length = 101cm (40"), Width = 88cm (34.6"), Height = 175cm (69")
  • Maximum User Weight: 135 kg
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 10 years motor and 2 years parts and labour (must to registered within 28 days for 2nd year)


T12 Si Instruction Manual

NordicTrack T12 Si Treadmill Reviews

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Very happy with the purchase. Took me 30 minutes to install and thoroughly enjoying using the manual setting on the machine. Have been using the machine everyday since I have received it. Absolutely great.

We are really happy with this sturdy treadmill. The quality of build appears to be excellent and it's feature-rich. You do need quite a bit of know-how to put it together. My husband took about 2 hours to put it together, and he's very good at that sort of thing. I took one look at the instructions and gave up. Delivery was quick and very efficient. Definitely recommended!

Everything was fine with delivery. Needed two people to construct. Getting used to the machine by using the manual settings. Its a very nice and robust piece of kit. Decking is nice because is adjustable and I am using the stiff setting to be more like road running.

Mainly using the manual workouts on the treadmill and near enough using the machine every day. Fantastic build quality and delighted with the machine as a whole.

Very good machine. does everything I want it to do. Not straightforward to assemble but the instructions were clear and easy to follow. It was larger and heavier than I expected which meant I could not put it upstairs as I could not get it up a tight bend in the stairs. Overall very good and Sweatband provided excellent service and were very accommodating on delivery arrangements.

Very impressed with this treadmill. Loads of room on the running belt and lots of programmes. Haven't really got into the IFIT cards yet (find the american accent of the trainer a bit of a turn off). The machine is built like a tank and I think will last for years!

We are very pleased with the T12si! It took me 2.5 hours to unpack and assemble. The kit comes with allen keys for assemly but you will also need a phillips (crosshead) screwdriver, a small adjustable wrench (or 9/16" spanner) and something to cut a couple of plastic ties. It also mentions you need a pair if slim nose pliers and a mallet but I did not find these necessary. As an aircraft engineer I did not have any difficulty assembling the treadmill BUT I would think some would struggle. I would also recommended it is assembled by 2 people! We purchased ours with an IFIT Weight Loss Level 2. The 1st level of this programme is not for the faint hearted as I found it a pretty tough 30 minute work-out and I consider myself reasonably fit. This is probably because it automatically adjusts the incline as well as the speed throughout the workout and this really makes you work hard. It all makes for a very interesting workout though it may take some members of the family a few weeks to even manage the 1st setting on the IFIT 2. But even if you feel that the IFIT is working you too hard, you simply press the incline 0 button and the treadmill returns to level, or alternatively simply press a button to select a slower speed - it is that easy! Please not that I read another review which said that IFIT 1 was too easy and that there was a very big leap from IFIT Weight Loss 1 to IFIT Weight Loss 2. We love the T12si!

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