York Workout Tower View

York Workout Tower

Great for multiple-body weight exercises, the York workout tower is designed to help you sculpt and strengthen chest, abs, back, arms, shoulders, legs and glutes. It has a sturdy and reliable construction to let you perform chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, press-ups, as well as knee and leg raises to build total body strength. This functional free-standing workout tower includes a dip station, a pull-up/chin-up station with a wide overhand grip and a close underhand grip, and a VKR station with extra padded upholstery to reduce strain on the back and elbows. The station offers comfortable hand grips for a firm and secure hold. Plus, it is perfect for toning the entire body, increasing endurance and gaining more power.

Viavito PT1000 GT Power Tower View

Viavito PT1000 GT Power Tower

Define and tone the upper body using the Viavito PT1000 GT power tower. Featuring four distinct workout stations, this heavy-duty multi tower is perfect for a wide variety of bodyweight exercises. Increase strength in your biceps, chest, back, lats, core, abs, shoulders and forearm muscles with the multi-grip pull up station or target triceps and shoulders using the adjustable dip station. To help you get ripped 6-pack abs, there is a vertical knee raise station (VKR), and the push up station is ideal for working shoulders, chest and arms muscles. To provide added safety and a stable feel during the most intense workouts, the apparatus offers a solid U-shaped base, whilst the non-slip foam handles guarantee a strong and secure grip. The armrest is tilted 10 degree inward to provide a good solid positioning of your arms while training, and the foldable dip arms flip up ensuring unobstructed pull up and chin up exercises. Plus, this versatile power tower has an integrated foot rest for additional support during training sessions. The PT1000 is suitable for a wide selection of exercises such as push-ups, tricep dips, vertical leg raises, vertical knee raises, hanging leg raise, wide grip pull-ups, narrow grip pull ups, chin ups, and trunk twists.

Power Towers

Power Towers

Power towers are a top piece of home workout apparatus that enable you to perform a whole variety of exercises using only one machine. For this practical reason, they are popular amongst people building gyms in their homes as their sturdy construction is narrow and high so they do not take up too much floor space whilst providing versatile and varied sessions.

So what can you do on a power tower? Well it depends on the stations that it has, but most will let you work your arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs by doing pull-ups and chin-ups with different grips, knee and leg raises, tricep dips, trunk twists and plenty more exercises to develop your upper body and core strength.

These metal frame-like trainers will often have handles on the base for doing deep press-ups and variations of this drill. Due to the sheer variety of possible exercises you should certainly allow enough space around the trainer to be able to access all the stations and exercise in comfort without feeling cramped or restricted. For example, some activities will require space to stretch out or swing and twist your legs.

You’ll find padded back and arm areas that deliver cushioning and support as you push yourself and train effectively. And as your fitness improves you can ensure your performance and results don’t plateau by adding a weighted vest or other weight accessories such as ankle and wrist weights.

Why not add a power tower to your home today and get efficient workouts for a toned and stronger core and upper body!

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