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ProForm Pro 5000 Treadmill

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The ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill has a seriously powerful 3.75 CHP motor that speeds up the belt all the way to its maximum speed of 22kph (13.7mph). Thanks to direct speed and incline buttons, you can quickly adjust your workout and there is a decline/incline range of -3–15% to simulate the slopes of natural terrain and let you increase calorie burn. The running surface is huge (55cm x 152cm) to make the Pro 5000 comfortable to run on even for the tallest of runners and at the centre of the console sits a dazzling 10" full colour capacitive touch display providing live workout feedback to let you keep track of your achievements. Programme wise, there is a manual one, as well as a daily updated map based workout, and the treadmill gives you access to over 50 challenging and exciting video workouts. To enable you to maximize training experience and choose from countless interactive workouts designed by world-class trainers, the Pro 5000 is compatible with iFit Coach technology (1-year Family membership included). The machine is easy on the joints due to ProShox™ cushioning system and features 2.5” precision machined and balanced non-flex rollers for increased durability and noise reduction. Surf the net and pump the tunes for better results with an integrated pivoting tablet holder and a built-in sound system with dual 3-inch speakers and fold the machine up and out of the way using SpaceSaver® folding design with EasyLift™ Assist. To measure your heart rate, the treadmill features hand pulse grips and Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver for use with an included chest strap.

Our price £1999.00
Availability: in stock!



At 55cm (21.6”) wide and 152cm (59.8”) long, the running area on the Pro 5000 provides ample deck space for you to run on, even at a sprint. Regardless of your stature, you’ll never need to look down to find your footing or have to worry about running out of track behind you. The Pro 5000’s oversized deck equips you with a safe and spacious platform to perform your runs on in safety and with confidence.



With a 10" full-colour capacitive touch-screen display the Pro 5000 makes it easier than ever to take control over all aspects of your daily run. With intuitive menus and easy to understand controls, selecting your workout and tweaking it to suit your personal requirements is just a few gestures away. The angle of the screen can also quickly be adjusted to suit each individual so no matter how tall or short the runner, the display is always clear and easy to read.  The vibrant, sharp, display takes things to another level altogether and makes running on the Pro 5000 a truly premium experience.



The Pro 5000 is iFit Coach compatible and comes with a 1-year Family membership included. iFit subscribers gain access to a huge range of captivating and potent personal training videos that are streamed in HD video direct to the console display.  With cardio workouts, weight loss workouts and more to choose from, each video features a professional personal trainer guiding you through your run, encouraging and motivating you when the going gets tough to help you get to the end. In addition, iFit also enables you to map out custom running routes on Google Maps, to participate in online races against other iFit members.



The Proform Pro 5000 features an in-built Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver which delivers outstanding reliability and improved accuracy allowing you to take advantage of all the advanced features of this treadmill, to push yourself hard and above all to stay safe.



Simulate real-world running scenarios with the advanced -3 to +15%  decline/incline feature and train like a professional. Burn calories fast and test yourself to the limit with the super-steep 15% incline and target different muscle groups, conditioning them to run downhill just like when you’re out on the road with the -3% decline function. Whether you want to shed a few pounds and improve your fitness levels or need to train for events and competitions, the Pro 5000 will help you to reach your goals and provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.



Whether you’re going for a gentle walk, a daily jog, or are training for a marathon it’s important to look after your joints and the Pro 5000 does just that with it’s advanced ProShox™ cushioning system. Featuring superior impact absorption that protects your joints, it significantly reduces physical stress on the body compared with running on the road to help you stay fit and avoid injury.



This high-quality treadmill is designed specifically for use in your home where space is often at a premium and safety is paramount. With a folded footprint of just 97cm (38.2") long and 99cm (38.9") wide the Pro 5000 provides a large deck to run on without compromising valuable living space. When you’re done running just lift the deck with ease thanks to the assisted lift anti-drop mechanism, and place it into the folded position to make space for the rest of your day to day activities. To lower the running deck again just release the safety catch and stand back and watch as the deck gently lowers itself back into the running position.



With a thick-gauge steel frame, large 2.5” precision machined and balanced non-flex rollers, an ultra-durable running belt and a large 3.75 CHP drive motor, the Pro 5000 has been made to go the distance. Built to withstand the rigours and demands of serious athletes and a family home environment with multiple users, this high-specification premium treadmill will soak up the pressure and just keep on going on and on, and on, and on……

Key features

  • Motor: 3.75 CHP
  • Speed Range: 0-22kph (0-13.7mph) with Quick Speed™ controls
  • Decline/Incline Range: -3–15% with Quick Incline® controls
  • Running Area: 55cm (21.6’’) x 152cm (59.8’’)
  • Rollers: 2.5” precision machined and balanced non-flex rollers
  • Cushioning: ProShox™ cushioning
  • Console: 10" full colour capacitive touch display
  • Console Feedback: The console offers several display modes. The display mode that you select will determine which workout information is shown. The screen can show the following workout information: incline, vertical gain, vertical loss, time, calories, heart rate, distance, pace, speed, a track representing 400m (1/4m).
  • Programmes: Manual mode, access to 50+ video workouts and a daily updated map based workout
  • Interactivity: iFit® Coach Enabled (1-year Family membership included)
  • All programmes, as well as iFit® Coach require a Wi-Fi based Internet connection
  • Heart Rate Measurement: EKG™ pulse grips + Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver (chest strap included)
  • Entertainment: Audio port for iPod/MP3 player and built-in sound system with dual 3-inch speakers
  • Additional Features: Dual CoolAire™ workout fan, pivoting tablet holder with DeVice grip design, dual water bottle holder, integrated fitness tray
  • Folding System: SpaceSaver® folding design with EasyLift™ Assist
  • Max. User Weight: 135kg (297.6lbs)
  • Product Weight: 140kg (308.6lbs)
  • Dimensions in Use: Length=205cm (80.7"), Width=99cm (38.9"), Height=180cm (70.6")
  • Folded Dimensions: Length=97cm (38.2"), Width=99cm (38.9"), Height=190cm (74.8")
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Power Supply: Mains
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame warranty; 5 years for the motor, and 2 years for parts and labour (must register within 28 days of purchase to get 2nd year of coverage)


ProForm Pro 5000 Treadmill - User Manual

Product Questions and Answers (15)

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What’s the difference between iFit Coach and iFit Coach Family membership?

Individual iFit Coach membership allows a single user to use a single machine, whilst iFit Coach Family membership allows up to 5 users to use a single iFit® Coach Enabled machine.

Where do I find my iFit activation code?

You will receive a proof of purchase certificate for your machine as an attachment on your dispatch confirmation email from us. This document will need to be emailed to the manufacturer (instructions provided on a sticker on the box) and they will email back your activation code.

Do I need to pay extra for iFit Coach subscription or is it included?

A 1-year iFit Coach Family membership is included to let you maximize training experience and custom-tailor your workouts to specific goals.

does this machine require wifi?

Yes, for access to all the goodies the Pro 5000 has to offer, Internet access over Wi-Fi is required.

Does the treadmill have quick speed/incline controls?

Yes, there are direct speed, incline and decline keys to help you make easy adjustments and keep your focus on the workout instead of scrolling through options.

Is there a drinks holder?

Yes, in fact, there is a dual water bottle holder.

What type of receiver is used in this for heart rate measurement?

The Pro 5000 uses a Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver for better performance compared with standard receivers.

I run for 50 min 4 days a week. Will this model be suitable?

Absolutely, the treadmill's powerful 3.75hp Mach Z™ Commercial Pro motor does its job quietly and efficiently and easily copes with that kind of action.

Do you offer an assembly service?

Hi. This treadmill doesn't require professional installation and is easy to put together. The instructions are simple to follow and there is no need to assemble any moving parts. Assembly requires 2 people and typically takes around 45 minutes. If you do still require an installation service just contact us when placing your order and we can arrange this for you. Installation is available to most UK Postcodes.

Does this display speed and distance in miles or kilometres?

Either. You can change the settings from KM to MI in the settings menu.

Does it have a chest belt?

Yes, the Pro 5000 comes with an included chest strap that works with a Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver to ensure quick and accurate heart rate measurement.

what is the maximum user weight?

The treadmill should be used only by persons weighing 135kg (297.6lbs) or less.

what's the difference between the Pro 5000 and the Pro 2000?

Both machines are loaded with goodies, yet there are some distinguishable differences. The Pro 2000 comes in at a more affordable price, however the Pro 5000 has a whopping 3.75 CHP motor and an impressive 10″ colour touch-screen delivering your training data.

Has it got wheels to move around?

Yes, the Pro 5000 has transportation wheels. To move the machine, you need to adjust it to a flat incline position and fold the deck. Before moving the treadmill, please make sure that the storage latch is in the locked position. Moving the machine may require two people.

Will this treadmill cope with being used every day?

Yes, with no problems.

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ProForm Pro 5000 Treadmill Reviews

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I see my previous email about this treadmill has been removed. Since having my 3m treadmill repaired it has today broken again with the exact issue it had last time. Despite having £350 worth of work done on it. We have had nothing but trouble since buying in Nov 19. It has been used for 6 weeks in total as the rest of the time its sat waiting for repairs. We will be taking legal advice to return this and get a full refund. Dont buy this machine!

very nice and solid product

It is a fantastic Maxine great ‘feel’ when running and good workouts

This is a superb treadmill. Well worth the money. I did a lot of research before committing to this model and I’m glad I chose this particular one. The decline function is rare to find on domestic models and the fact that it comes with an iFit subscription is something that’s perfect for me as I’m training for next years London Marathon and it allows me to map out my route on Google maps and train on the actual route. The build quality and these features easily justify the price. Highly recommended.

This is a lovely machine. The instructions to assemble it were clear and easy to follow. Once assembled, it is a dream to use. We had a slight hiccup in registering it -- follow the instructions in the UK manual, as the online system doesn't appear to work for us. Also, be sure not to mislay the piece of paper in the box that has the code to claim a year's free iFit membership.

I’m in my mid 50’s and this is the first treadmill I’ve ever purchased. I didn’t know anything about them but my daughter told me that Proform is a well-known brand that’s got a good reputation so I narrowed my search and stuck to only models from them to make it easier to pick one. I’m glad I did as I’m very impressed with this treadmill. In my book heavy = quality, so this must be a very good machine. Just glad we didn’t have to get it upstairs! It takes about half an hour to build and you need two people but it’s not hard. I’m only just getting to know all the functions of the console as there are lots of them but so far I’ve been really impressed with the video workouts. It automatically changes the incline/decline settings to match the road that you’re running on in the video which is really amazing and makes you feel like you’re really running on a road. The fan is surprisingly effective at keeping you cool and I’m glad it’s there. The overall design and build quality are, as far as I can tell, right up there with gym machines I’ve used. Glad I took my daughters advice on the brand. I’m very happy with this treadmill and as long as it lasts as long as it looks like it will then it’s money very well spent. I would highly recommend this machine as long as you’ve got the space for it (it’s not small) and don’t mind that it needs an internet connection.

So happy with this treadmill! Assembly was OK with only a couple of bits that needed 2 people and took us 45 odd minutes. It’s definitely good for experienced runners (me) and for beginners (my partner) as well and because there’s loads of room on the deck it feels very safe. Tons of goodies on this treadmill including a decline function! But the most important thing is that it’s really great to run on. Build quality is there too. Worth every penny as it’s now getting used every single day and we both absolutely love it.

I absolutely love this treadmill which I bought to replace our rather old one which stopped working. This is far superior to our old model in just about every way. It’s nicer to run on, is easier to use because of the touch-screen and has loads of features the old one didn’t have like the decline function. OK, you get what pay for but with this one, I actually look forward to my daily run! It was relatively easy to put together too and it feels so much better built than our old one. I would definitely recommend this treadmill without hesitation.

You need a decent amount of space to install this large heavy duty treadmill. Assembly is straight forward enough but needs 2 people and at least an hour. It is very heavy and very hard to move even though it has wheels. The treadmill needs to be connected to the internet, otherwise you will not be able to use the 50 “free workouts”. It is very quiet when in use. Service from was excellent, from ordering to delivery.

spent a while researching treadmills and opted for this one...Really happy with it so far. What really gets me going is the huge choice of training options and individualized workouts with a personal trainer. The belt is large so I can stretch out every stride and feel completely safe when running. Very, very sturdy machine & real pleasure to exercise on.

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