Half Human Plant Based Protein Blend View

Half Human Plant Based Protein Blend

Build lean muscle and take your recovery to the next level with the Half Human plant-based protein powder. This is not your typical grainy, chalky tasting protein powder. Half Human has gone all-out to ensure the texture, taste and mix-ability are something that you have not experienced before. They have not stopped there though. Alongside the Pea and Brown Rice protein base, they have fortified this product with extra Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and L-Glutamine to take your recovery to the next level and boost lean muscle tissue growth. What’s the best thing about this product? It uses natural colours and sweeteners and includes no soy, lactose or other nasty irritants! For years, vegan friendly protein shakes have had a bad name. Bad flavours, chalky texture and not mixing well. Half Human is changing the plant-based game. Their Vegan Protein has been designed with taste in mind. The flavour is unparalleled and the texture unrivalled. This has all been done using high-quality ingredients and natural sweeteners. They have fortified the Brown Rice and Pea protein sources with 5 grams of additional BCAAs and L-Glutamine to make sure you are getting the ideal mix to support lean muscle tissue growth and recovery. Each serving delivers 25g (0.8oz) of protein making it far easier to reach your protein goals, 8g (0.3oz) of gluten-free carbohydrates (only 0.6g/0.02oz sugar!) and 0.2g (0.007oz) of saturated fat.

Mars Hi Protein Bars - Pack of 12 View

Mars Hi Protein Bars - Pack of 12

With only 209 calories, the Mars Protein bars can be slipped easily into any gym bag, rucksack or handbag. If you’re looking for a new and tasty way to enjoy protein, you’ll love these new high protein bars!

Clif Builders Protein Bars - Pack of 12 View

Clif Builders Protein Bars - Pack of 12

The Clif Builders protein bars are guilt-free snacks loaded with 20g of protein to help you hit your daily protein needs and support the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass. They are a great way to upgrade your healthy snacking and provide a hit of carbohydrates to aid muscle recovery post workout. Plus, with added fibre and an irresistible taste, they support your fitness goals and everyday wellbeing. The bars are supplied in a pack of 12 (12 x 68g bar).

Applied Nutrition Diet Whey 1kg View

Applied Nutrition Diet Whey 1kg

The Diet Whey is by far the most advanced weight management supplement available, combining all of the main ingredients which are currently known to contribute towards weight management including CLA, L-Carnitine, Green Tea, Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate resulting in an extremely low carb high protein blend.

Optimum Health Ultimate Plant Protein 1.5kg View

Optimum Health Ultimate Plant Protein 1.5kg

The Optimum Health Ultimate Plant Protein is a high-quality, plant-based protein which packs over 23g of protein per serving. If you're looking for a quality alternative to dairy proteins this is the product for you. Featuring a blend of pea protein isolate and hemp protein concentrate, The Ultimate Plant Protein provides a protein content which is rich in amino acids to assist the repair and growth of muscle tissue. The Optimum Health Ultimate Plant Protein also contains Digezyme® to aid with digestion.

Efectiv Sports Nutrition 908g Micellar Casein View

Efectiv Sports Nutrition 908g Micellar Casein

The Efectiv 100% micellar casein uses only EU grass fed pure micellar casein which is produced through a state of the art membrane filtration process and does not undergo any chemical modification as seen with inferior caseinate products. This process delivers the native milk casein and calcium in its micellar natural protein structure, and a delicious premium natural milky taste.

Bio-Synergy Whey Better 750g View

Bio-Synergy Whey Better 750g

With 92% protein, 1% fat and 0 carbs, the Whey Better® is arguably the best whey protein shake you can buy. Whether your goal is to pile on lean muscle, strip away body fat or hit a whole new peak of fitness, you can trust the Whey Better® to help you succeed. Every 30g scoop of our 100% whey isolate packs in 27.2g protein – more than any other in the market – plus a mighty 6.8g BCAAs and B-vitamins for improved energy levels and protein absorption. The Whey Better® is also proudly manufactured in the UK, using only premium-grade ingredients. So, whatever your sport, however ambitious your goals, the Whey Better® is the perfect partner to support your muscle growth and recovery.

PowerBar Deluxe Protein Powder 500g View

PowerBar Deluxe Protein Powder 500g

Do you not only want to provide your body with protein after training but also place importance on a high-quality protein intake as part of your varied daily nutrition? If so, then the Deluxe Protein is right for you. It contains a high ratio of casein to whey protein and is also sugar and fat free when mixed with water. Mix the Deluxe Protein with water if you are conscious about calories or if you prefer a creamy shake, enjoy it with low-fat milk. For more variety you can also combine the PowerBar Deluxe Protein with your favorite smoothie recipes, mueslis or yoghurts!


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Protein is the key to muscle recovery, growth and repair. Not only does adequate protein intake support exercise performance and endurance, but protein can help you meet your body mass goals, whether that's to lose or gain weight.
Protein supplements in particular provide ready to use amino acids, which can instantly support your body when active.
To make it super easy to incorporate additional protein into your diet, we have a wide selection of protein powders, bars and blends.




We offer many different types of protein powders and it can be hard to choose - make life easier with our simple guide:



Mainly used to encourage muscle growth, support lean body mass and aid recovery. Whey protein contains many essential amino acids and is a popular choice for muscle growth when used after exercise.


Providing a top-up of key amino acids, vegan protein is a great way of ensuring adequate essential AA intake and can be an asset for muscle growth for a vegan athlete.


High in both calories and protein, weight gaining protein powders are an invaluable way to help you bulk out and increase your muscle mass rapidly and efficiently.


This is the one to go for when you want to recover post-exercise. Slower to digest than other protein powders, casein helps muscle recovery and repair so you can get back to action quicker.





Protein shakes can be a useful addition to your active lifestyle. They can aid muscle repair/recovery and can help you either lose or gain body mass depending on your requirements.


Protein shakes, if taken in addition to your regular calorie intake can encourage weight gain, as protein, in high doses, stimulates insulin which promotes fat storage. Taken outside of exercise, extra protein can also encourage weight gain, as you haven’t used it up during a workout.


Protein shakes can keep you fuller for longer, prevent overeating and help you reach your inbuilt protein target. They can be used to replace a meal once a day as part of your weight loss plan or used post-exercise to encourage lean body mass. Alternatively, they can be used as a snack replacement instead of less healthy, higher calorie options.


You can, as your body needs enough protein every day regardless of your exercise levels. Protein intake stimulates your satiety hormones which prevents overeating, and protein shakes can make a good alternative to high calorie, carb-heavy snacks. Just remember to balance your macronutrients throughout the day.


Protein shakes provide your body with readily available amino acids. These AA’s can then be used to encourage new muscle growth, and aid repair and recovery, as required. Unlike protein in the diet, which requires breaking down and digesting, protein shakes provide ready to use amino acids.


Protein shakes are just as useful for women as men, if not more so. Women can sometimes lack enough protein in their diet, especially when on a calorie controlled/ weight loss plan. Protein shakes can help women to gain lean body mass and recover post-exercise.


For most people protein powders cause no issues. Taken in excess, there may be some mild digestive discomfort, and if used in addition to meals/without additional exercise they may encourage weight gain in some individuals.

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