Head Elite Monstercombi 12 Racket Bag View

Head Elite Monstercombi 12 Racket Bag

The Head Elite Monstercombi 12 racket bag is loaded with features for competitors and offers ample storage space for the gear. This spacious bag with an eye-catching design has three large main compartments to hold up to 12 rackets, and for quick access to any of your extra things, there are two side zipped pockets. The bag provides a combination of comfort and functionality and allows for easy transportation to and from the court thanks to a 2-way backpack and shoulder carry system with padded, adjustable backpack straps and a dual padded carry handle. Best suited to players who want to get the most out of their bag, it is manufactured from polyester (99%) and polyurethane (1%) to ensure long-lasting durability.

Head Elite Supercombi 9 Racket Bag View

Head Elite Supercombi 9 Racket Bag

Providing a larger capacity to store a hefty amount of equipment usually owned by serious players, the Head Elite Supercombi 9 racket bag is a two compartment option that can fit up to nine frames and a selection of items required for a proper training session. The bag offers an incredibly distinguishable appearance, as well as an additional capacity for accessories and personal belongings with two large pockets. Furthermore, there is the 2-way carry system which offers comfortable commutes on and off the courts either with a shoulder strap or classic backpack straps.

Asics Gel-Fastball 3 Ladies Indoor Court Shoes View

Asics Gel-Fastball 3 Ladies Indoor Court Shoes

Offering support and stability where you need it, the Asics Gel-Fastball 3 ladies indoor court shoes are perfect for players wanting to improve performance on the court. The shoes ensure a lightweight feel and help you stay fresh for longer thanks to a breathable and very airy open mesh upper. For a comfortable, adaptive fit, they feature a seamless construction and Personalised Heel Fit (PHF) technology, whilst SpEVA™ midsole cushions every step and reduces shoe weight. To absorb impact shock, there is Rearfoot GEL® cushioning system, and DuoMax® dual-density midsole support system delivers extra stability and improves forward propulsion. The outsole is produced from non-marking NC Rubber® with Octipod design to enhance grip and traction.

Salming Kobra 2 Mens Indoor Court Shoes View

Salming Kobra 2 Mens Indoor Court Shoes

Designed for the finest combination of comfort and stability, the Salming Kobra 2 court shoes are a male indoor choice for distinctively dynamic players who take advantage of speed and fast motion around the court. The pair features a synthetic leather upper with mesh panel to ensure a proper combination of breathability and optimised fit, it also provides a sublime, low to the ground feeling and lightness. Furthermore, the shoes take advantage of the SoftFOAM™ and anatomical Heelcup to ensure excellent shock absorption in the rearfoot landing zone. The underfoot section features increased cushioning with the Recoil™ ERF Midsole which offers substantial responsiveness and bounce back, whereas the LMS+ (Lateral Movement Stabiliser+) ensures top-level stability when moving in every direction. Also, the pair includes a vastly superior Hexagrip™ outsole for increased resistance to abrasion, as well as enhanced traction.

Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium Racketball Racket View

Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium Racketball Racket

The Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium racketball racket is constructed out of a Carbon / Titanium mix so it maintains a light weight specification whilst providing maximum durability. It also features one piece technology for superb playability.

Karakal 170 FF Racketball Racket View

Karakal 170 FF Racketball Racket

The Karakal 170 FF racketball racket is a mid-plus all-rounded dedicated for serious players seeking a magnificent balance between increased potential power and swifter control over the ball. The racquet is specifically great for players with slower style of swing, yet enjoy a heftier frame for added power potential and want increased ball speed. The racquet is evenly balanced, and it’s fitted with a very comfortable PU super grip. Also, it takes advantage of the Fast Fibre technology, which ensures that the frame returns to its previous position after impact a lot faster, whilst the Nano Gel delivers a smooth striking experience with excellent vibration absorption. The racquet is shipped pre-strung with Nano Spiral string for added spin, and with a full cover for proper protection.

Racketball Equpiment

Racketball is widely regarded as, "Easy to learn yet difficult to master" which is perhaps why in recent years it has become one of the UK’s fastest growing sports! In fact, there are many factors that have contributed to its widespread popularity. The slower pace of the game often results in longer rallies than in Squash, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for a medium intensity workout that improves fitness, agility, flexibility and coordination.
Although it is played on a regular squash court and shares many of the same rules, there are some small differences in the racket and ball used, which equate to some big differences for the player. The ball is bigger and bouncier which allows players more time to react. Plus, the combination of a shorter racket requires less hand eye coordination and a larger racket head make it easier to hit the ball. These factors generally make Racketball easier for the novice player to ‘get the hang of’ compared to tennis or squash. This really is a sport that is ‘fun for all the family!’ plus it is also an indoor game, so it can be played all year round regardless of the fickle British weather!
Racketball was devised in the late 70’s as an adaptation of the U.S game of Racquetball, however the differences are more than just in the spelling; in fact it is important to note that they are two very different sports! The U.S version of Racquetball is played using different rules and on a specific racquetball court (Larger than a squash court) whereas the UK game shares more similarities to squash and uses the same court too. 
It wasn’t until the early 80’s that Racketball began to grow in popularity from a concerted promotional campaign inspired by a man called Tony Gathercole. At that time, he worked for EMI (who owned around 25 squash clubs in the UK) and he was also one of Slazenger’s top reps. With the help of another 8 EMI coaches and a sponsorship from Slazenger (who developed a larger ball with more bounce!) they set about promoting Racketball as a way of increasing the usage of the EMI squash courts during the day. The courts certainly got busier and the popularity of Racketball grew and grew!
It needn’t take much investment to get kitted out with all the equipment needed to get you started. The weight of the racketball head and the string patterns vary between models so it’s worth doing a bit of homework to find the right configuration to suite your playing style and level of experience.
There are two types of racketball – black and blue. Black racketballs are generally designed for the more advanced player, being slower and less bouncy, they are preferred at top-level tournaments. Blue racketballs are typically considered better suited to ‘recreational’ play, being bouncier and ideal for beginners. It is worth noting that not all manufacturers develop racketballs that conform to this general rule so before purchasing, it’s important to read the product description and not just be guided by the colour.
When it comes to footwear, black soles are a definite ‘no-no!’ although some clubs and leisure centres will allow players to use the squash courts wearing standard trainers or running shoes, providing that they have a non-marking sole. We’d recommend clarifying with the club before booking a game to check their footwear policies, just to be safe.  Speaking of safety, if you’re thinking of becoming a regular Racketball player, then we’d highly recommend investing in a pair of shoes that are specifically designed for Racketball/Squash. These shoes not only serve to absorb the impact of running around the court while offering support, stability and comfort, they also feature a ‘gum rubber’ sole for traction to further reduce the chances of injury.
For extra protection against potential injuries you may also consider wearing protective eyewear. Although eye injuries are rare in racketball, specifically designed safety specs ensure your eyes are completely protected with lenses that resist misting up as well as offering good peripheral vision.
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