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Spirit Leg Press and Calf Raise

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The Spirit Leg Press and Calf Raise station is ideal for building lower body strength. It features a walk-through frame design which enables easy access to the machine and the contoured back pad telescopes offer many starting positions. The large footplate provides a wide variety of foot positions and enables to challenge the muscles from different angles whereas the four-bar linkage ensures the ideal exercise path and ankle support. The machine has a 2 to 1 weight ratio which offers 400lbs of resistance. The station utilises high quality components as well as ergonomic design and desirable aesthetic styling to make every workout pleasant experience.

Our price £4079.00
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Availability: direct from manufacturer

Key features

  • Frame: High grade structural steel tube and plate. Frame tubes are bent using an inside mandrel or cut and MIG welded for maximum structural integrity.
  • Finish: Abrasive blasted and/or chemically treated frames are electrostatically powder coated ensuring maximum adhesion and durability.
  • Pivot Points: Sealed radial bearings and oil impregnated bronze bushings operate on solid shafts to ensure smooth movement and tight fit.
  • Cams: Laser cut from 3/8in steel plate, offer starting point adjustment on applicable machines.
  • Weight Stack: Precision machined solid steel weight plates with individual bushing travel on solid chromed guide rods to ensure ultra-smooth operation. Heavy rubber suspension bumpers are used to absorb and reduce the shock.
  • Foot Platforms: 3/16in thick powder coated steel diamond plate to avoid slipping.
  • Pulleys: Glass-reinforced nylon operating precision steel ball bearings.
  • Cables: Nylon-coated, lubricated mil-spec cable (2000lbs tensile strength). Pivoting cable ends with oil impregnated bronze bushings to promote long cable life.
  • Upholstery: Contoured pads with lumbar support make for comfortable and well supported workouts. The pads are double stitched and handcrafted from the finest materials available.
  • Seat Adjustments: Adjustable seats are gas-assisted and all telescoping pad adjustments are smooth and effortless.
  • Shroud: Formed and powder coated steel weight stack guard is standard.
  • Handgrips: Ergonomically moulded hand grips provide a comfortable and non-absorbing grip.
  • Weight Stack: Ratio 2:1. 10lbs=20lbs. 200lbs.
  • Full Commercial Warranty: 2 Years parts and labour.
  • Frame Dimension: Length=74” (188.6cm), Width=45.7” (116.1cm), Height=59.7” (151.8cm)



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