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Suunto Spartan Sport GPS Heart Rate Monitor

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Delivering an astonishing minimalistic design, including a remarkably lighter weight without compromising the durability, the Suunto Spartan Sport GPS sports watch with heart rate monitor provides an excellent way of tracking your most important fitness and workout indicators including, distance, calories burnt, steps taken, time of the workout, with brilliant style and comfortable fit. Furthermore, all the measurements are highly accurate including heart rate, and are shown in real time, whilst the compatibility with Suunto Movescount allows for storing the date and later analysis to improve vastly your performance, personal best results and fitness achievements. The watch includes a GPS and GLONASS navigation system, as well as a digital compass and altimeter for you to establish versatile routes when heading for trail running sessions or some cycling, and with eighty compatible sport modes changing on the spot simultaneously during your activities, the watch is a perfect choice for triathlon athletes. Moreover, it boasts a quality touch display with colour matrix, plus it tracks your sleep pattern and quality allowing you to maintain proper activity and rest balance. Also, the sports watch features a Stryd sensor, suitable for power running with a chest strap, as well as incorporates a highly efficient battery to ensure comfortable, stress-free running and cycling sessions.

Sports Technology

Look at the history of different sports and you will see how each one has evolved with the times, encompassing scientific advances, adapting to the spectators and enabling athletes to push themselves further and harder. This has never been clearer to see than since technology has been incorporated into sport, enhancing training, technique and competitive play, for both individuals and teams as a whole.

Photo finishes were used in horse racing around the turn of the 20th century, a significant development which would go on to revolutionise innumerable sports. A few years later electrical scoring allowed for quicker and more accurate timekeeping and results. Jump to the 21st century and a whole host of breakthroughs have led to improving or modernising equipment, playing areas and refereeing with super-slow motion replays, goal-line technology, ball tracking and prediction, and much more.

For the individual athlete looking to understand their bodies and performance better and find a way to eke out the 'extra one per cent' that will accelerate them ahead of the rest, there is a multitude of technology available, from sport-specific equipment to general fitness accessories.

For example, GPS and golf range finders will feed you precise course information so you can adapt your shots to the situation and not just rely on experience and eyesight. Cycle computers will deliver live information about your workout or race. On the other hand, heart rate monitors, which became popular for use in sport in the 1980s, can check that you are working hard enough to get your pulse up and burn calories efficiently and at the same time help to prevent dangerous overexertion. Activity trackers will allow you to set goals and hit them, informing you of vital performance statistics on the way.

Whatever your sport, whatever your level and whatever your goal, there will be technology to monitor and boost what you are doing. Some say that technology is no replacement for natural talent and hard work, but combine devices, cameras, trackers and so on with your attributes and it certainly can help to give those extra few percentages in training which will, undoubtedly, translate to the field, track, court, pool or course.

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