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SquashSkills 30-Days Subscription

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Improve your squash skills in the shortest time frame by your own rules, with SquashSkills Subscription (30-days) that provides access to over 1,400+ videos for squash players of any level, and coaches. A total of 500 videos is being added every year building a massive video library ready at your disposal at any given time and anywhere you want. The service brings fantastic tools for players, starting with Testing Section which determines your weak points, as well as allow you to fix blunders and quickly grow past them. The application also provides test results of some of the best players to ensure proper reference for future comparisons. Moreover, the materials available at SquashSkills cover important aspects of the game including shot types, practice methods, as well as the founding elements in squash: speed, power, and endurance. Additionally, the service offers terrific value and time saving for squash coaches, since any training preparations can be managed and organised in one place with a special Session planning tool. SquashSkills also serves as a community hub, thus allows for creating groups, sharing insights, and posting messages to your partners. Finally, the service grants access to written guides and articles on nutrition, psychological aspects of the game, squash mentality and more. The subscription permits a 30-day unlimited access to the SquashSkills service.

Our price £9.99
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Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Created with both players and coaches in mind
  • Provides necessary tools to maximise improvement as well as insights from the best squash minds
  • Over 1,400+ coaching, training, and fitness videos for all levels of playing abilities
  • Playlists added each week and over 500 videos added throughout the year
  • Easy access to high-level squash coaching with range of tools and training customisation
  • Coaches can manage all players training in one place
  • Session planning tool comes as a smart coaching aid for organising player's further development
  • Testing section identifies key weakness areas and allows for over time improvement tracking
  • Available testing results from some of the world’s best players for self-comparison
  • Provides access to the tools anytime, anywhere and from any device to manage your training and progress remotely
  • Covers all areas of the game, shot types, practice methods, skill levels
  • Special fitness session planner covers 3 foundation elements in squash: speed, power, and endurance
  • Access to articles on mental strategies in the lead up to a tournament, nutrition for optimal training and interviews with former best players and staff
  • Allows for creating groups, sharing insights, and posting messages to your training partners and friends

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