DKN Squat and Dip Rack with Spotter Catchers View

DKN Squat and Dip Rack with Spotter Catchers

Get the maximum benefits from your barbell using the DKN squat and dip rack with spotter catchers. Designed for strength training, body building and effective weightlifting sessions, this robust and stable rack allows for performing exercises such as squats, dips or bench presses, as well as a killer bicep and tricep workout. It has been made to help spot you and let you work out safely and efficiently, and enables you to build strong arms, shoulders, chest, legs and back muscles. Sturdy and versatile, the rack is suitable for both beginners and serious lifters and offers a tremendous weight capacity of up to 250kg (551lbs). Plus, there are large spotter catchers enabling you to offload the weight quickly and in a safe manner. With a width adjustment from 65cm to 107cm (25.6” to 42.1”), the rack can accommodate bars of different lengths, whilst its narrowest position is perfect as a dip station. This unique bit of kit features an adjustable height to both the uprights and the safety catchers, and there is a centre bar that joins the vertical posts to eliminate wobbling and shaking and provide extra sense of security.

Weider Power Rack View

Weider Power Rack

Develop strength, increase muscle mass and tone both upper and lower body using the Weider power rack. Whether you want to trim down, bulk up or improve your cardiovascular system, the power rack will help you achieve the specific results with its multi-grip pull-up station, a removable vertical knee raise station (VKR), row station and high and low pulley stations. The power rack provides versatile and challenging training sessions and offers a maximum resistance of 136kg (299.8lbs). It is suitable for exercises such as squat, bent over row, pull up, lat pull down, low row, vertical knee raise, leg raise and tricep push down. Thanks to an included weight plate holder for Olympic plates, it enables you to conveniently store your weights and has a space-efficient design to let you save precious space in your home gym. The power rack is designed for use with bars no longer than 6ft (1.8m). Plus, it is supplied with an exercise chart to guide you through the workout.

DKN Heavy Duty Crossfit Half Rack View

DKN Heavy Duty Crossfit Half Rack

The DKN heavy duty crossfit half rack facilitates workouts by offering excellent and safe all-round exercise options from crossfit to barbell to circuit training and more. Using the different functions on this apparatus regularly is a sure-fire way to get into shape, either at home or in a fitness studio. It has a pull up station and Olympic plate storage bars to tidy weights away after use. The adjustable bar hooks and safety catches create a safer and more controlled environment to work out in.

adidas Squat Stand View

adidas Squat Stand

Suitable for barbell training at home, the adidas squat stand is a great choice for Olympic lifters and ensures safety and confidence when performing weighted squats thanks to its solid and reliable, heavy duty construction. It has a maximum load of 125kg (275.5lbs) and offers height adjustment to allow for greater workout versatility. The stand weighs 18kg (39.7lbs) and has been designed for a number of heavy barbell exercises to let you grow stronger and effectively build muscle mass.


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