Swimovate Pool Mate Live Swim Watch View

Swimovate Pool Mate Live Swim Watch

Using your arm movement the Swimovate Pool Mate Live swim watch will measure all the essential data of your swim including speed, distance, number of laps and strokes, calories burnt, stroke length, strokes per minute and efficiency. This premium watch will vibrate when you complete the number of laps, time or distance that you choose, and its chrono mode makes it suitable for use in other activities. The large display characters make it easy to read when wearing goggles, and the sleek-looking, durable watch can be worn for everyday use as well. Use the optional download clip to analyse and store the data after each swim to monitor your progression.

Swimovate Pool Mate Live Swim Watch with Download Clip View

Swimovate Pool Mate Live Swim Watch with Download Clip

The Pool Mate Live with download clip is Swimovate’s premier swim watch, and measures everything from number of laps and strokes to efficiency and stroke length. Using the download clip everything down to a single lap can be analysed on graphs and tables on your PC or Mac. The alarm will vibrate when you have completed the laps, time or distance that you choose, making it a useful tool for training sets. The large characters make reading the display easier than ever, and the watch has Swimovate’s longest battery life yet of up to 2 years, and it is simple to change the battery at home. It is suitable for everyday usage and the chrono mode means it can be used for activities outside of the pool.

TomTom Spark 3 Small GPS Sports Watch View

TomTom Spark 3 Small GPS Sports Watch

The TomTom Spark 3 small GPS sports watch is an ideal workout partner tracking your steps, active minutes, distance, calories and sleep patterns and provides immediate feedback on the wrist enabling you to train smarter. This multisport GPS watch features an ultra-slim, sporty design and lets you easily navigate through menus with a single button. To find your way back to the start or discover new trails, there is Route Exploration feature, whereas to monitor your performance while in the gym, the device offers Indoor Training mode. It is water-resistant up to 40m/130ft (5atm) and allows for checking incoming calls or texts thanks to Phone Notifications feature. Use Race mode to select one of your past performances and race against yourself and achieve your goals faster choosing from over 50 Personal Workouts tailored to your fitness level. Plus, the watch is compatible with TomTom Sports app and ensures up to 11 hours of battery lifetime when tracking yourself with GPS.


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Swimming Watches

Swimming watches have become more and more popular in recent years as the technology in them has developed, making them a great tool which takes the hassle out of counting laps or timing sets and lets you simply focus on your technique, speed and fitness.

Standard watches will let you define the length of the pool you are swimming in for precise distance, speed, pace, time and calorie information during your session. Most types will come with USB or ANT+ connectivity for after swim analysis on a computer, and some can recognise which stroke you are swimming so you do not have to change this manually when switching style. Swim watches with clear screens and large characters make glancing at the face and changing between displays easy, even when wearing goggles and underwater.

From simpler models with the essential counting functions to those with a myriad data collection features which can then be inspected in great detail online, there will be a watch that fits your needs. To find the ideal watch it is important to understand why you want one and what functions you will require before making a purchase. For example, if you are a regular swimmer wanting to improve your fitness in the pool then a standard model will probably suit you.

Maybe you want to concentrate on enhancing your speed and efficiency through the water, in which case a device that uses your strokes per length and the time taken to swim the length might come in handy as it will calculate a specific metric which you can view and aim to reduce over time.

If you prefer swimming outdoors, in lakes or the sea, you will presumably require a more advanced type with an open water swim mode or GPS, as models with accelerometers that record when you touch the end of the pool after every length will not support this type of swimming. And whilst GPS is not perfect when used underwater, there are watches that employ algorithms to plot your position via points on a map and determine the route you swim more accurately. You may also wish to have a slimmer watch which will enable quicker removal of your wetsuit.

The great variety of products on the market may make choosing the right one for you seem daunting, but by better knowing the reasons for buying one you can significantly simplify the process.

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