Zoggs Printed Dory and Nemo Junior Swimming Goggles View

Zoggs Printed Dory and Nemo Junior Swimming Goggles

Featuring a resilient, smooth silicone frame for enhanced durability and wear comfort, the Zoggs Printed Dory and Nemo junior swimming goggles are a great choice for children between six and fourteen years’ old, and include delicately blue tinted lenses for a glare reduction and comfortable swim in the outdoors. There is also an anti-fog technology preventing excessive steaming up of the lens, as well as an adjustable silicone, split-yoke strap allowing for a personalised and highly secured fit. Furthermore, these great-looking goggles grant increased protection from sun beams with excellent UV filter, enabling a confident and comfortable fun in the swimming pool.

Head Silicone Ear Plug View

Head Silicone Ear Plug

The Head silicone ear plugs have a special conical shape to ensure optimal fit. These good quality orange ear plugs are made of soft, flexible silicone that enhances the comfort of usage during swimming. They are supplied as a set of two in a small reusable box.

Speedo BioFuse Aquatic Earplug View

Speedo BioFuse Aquatic Earplug

The Speedo BioFuse aquatic earplugs provide excellent comfort and fit. The ergonomic design makes the earplugs easy to insert and remove. The multiple flange construction ensures improved seal.

Speedo Aqua V Silicone Swimming Cap View

Speedo Aqua V Silicone Swimming Cap

The Speedo Aqua V silicone swimming cap is a unique multi-density racing cap that is proven to reduce drag by up to 5% compared to a standard latex swimming cap. The super tight and comfort fit design reduces drag by the optimum amount to ensure the water passes freely over the head, and allows you to glide through the water faster. The thick section through the top guarantees the cap is wrinkle free and significantly reduces resistance in the water, while the mid section allows the cap to stretch for maximum comfort. Additionally, the base section that runs around the hairline ensures an ergonomic fit.

Aqua Sphere P2K Kick-buoy View

Aqua Sphere P2K Kick-buoy

Aqua Sphere P2K kick-buoy is multi-purpose swimming aid that combines the properties of a kickboard and pull buoy. It’s great for push and pull resistance training, and isolated upper body workout thanks to a proper support and buoyancy. Serving as a kickboard, it’s excellent for practicing kicking technique and strengthening lower body muscles. With easy to hold design and aerodynamic shape, the kick-buoy excels when it comes to participating in aquatic fitness, and any other water-oriented workout for that matter.

Zoggs Dory and Destiny Soakers View

Zoggs Dory and Destiny Soakers

Make splash time fun and entertaining using the Zoggs Dory and Destiny soakers to help your loved ones gain confidence in the water and learn to swim. These lovely soakers can be used as splashers, water bombs and great bath companions and have been designed for children aged 3 months and older. They are made from soft-to-touch polyester and perfect for playing catch or throw and retrieve game when in the swimming pool.


Swimming is one of the most enjoyed, accessible and popular of all sporting activities.  Before babies can crawl they can enjoy time in the water, and later in life when physical activity outside the water presents it challenges, the buoyancy of being in a pool supports the body to move and exercise. 

Because all age ranges and sexes enjoy time in the pool it is a favourite family pastime as well as being a crucial life skill.

For obvious reasons, unlike other sports, swimming doesn’t have a known origin.  One might reasonably assume prehistoric folk swam in rivers not necessarily for sport but certainly while fishing.  The Ancient Egyptians had a hieroglyphic symbol for swimming, dating it back to at least 2500 AD.

There are lots of reasons why swimming is so great; if you’re on a weight loss programme it’s a higher calorie burner than walking or cycling at the same intensity, if you want strength and tone it genuinely exercises every muscle in the body and if you want to improve your endurance it ticks that box too as regular swimming strengthens the heart and lungs. Plus if you’re a little agitated a water workout is also a proven stress reliever.

To participate in swimming obviously requires little more than a costume and access to a pool but if you want to get more out of the sport the equipment is really affordable, transportable and can make a real difference to how long you stay and how much you enjoy your time in the water.

Most pools are chemically treated so good swimwear is made of a fabric that will endure longer than fashion beachwear items and also streamline the body for a more efficient and effective swim.  Likewise swimming caps are a great investment as they reduce friction and protect your hair from the chemicals – they’re also very popular with pre-work dippers who want a quick turnaround between pool and office. 

Spending long periods in the water can also antagonise eyes, ears and noses.  Protecting them with goggles, ear plugs and nose clips respectively takes the annoyance factor out.

If you regularly use communal pools it’s sensible to protect your feet with pool sandals or socks.  These will last you years and protect you from the sport’s most undesirable risk – veruccas.

And if you’re teaching your young ones or are a late comer to the pool yourself there’s plenty of kit to help you learn and to develop your confidence such as buoyancy aids, dive sticks and snorkels.

So for very little investment you can get a great deal more out of your swim.  We say dive in!

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