Whilst the Romans used to bathe in their birthday suits, nowadays swimwear is mandatory and has come a long way since its arrival a few centuries ago. From heavy materials and ungainly designs intended mostly for modesty to high-performance, streamlined fabrics, special technologies and sport-specific models, there’s little that relates modern swimwear to that of the Victorian era beyond the basic functions.

Swimwear is essential swimming equipment and there are lots of different styles – swimming shorts, trunks, costumes, suits and more – which all serve slightly different purposes. So let’s have a look into the world of swimwear, explaining these different designs and touching on other aspects of swimwear worth keeping in mind when browsing and buying swimming gear.

Swimming requires minimal equipment to participate – swimming goggles and caps are highly recommended but only swimwear is absolutely obligatory. The swimwear you or your child will need depends on the intended water activities. For holidays, fun at the swimming pool and beach or casual water play, swimming shorts, aquashorts or trunks for boys and men, and costumes or swimsuits for girls and women are the order of the day. For younger kids and infants, other options include water nappies or one-piece suits, designed to protect young ones and keep them comfortable in the water.

A variety of other casual swimwear designs exists too, such as more relaxed fit swimsuits for women, with bust support, open or covered backs and other features that aim to sculpt, support and enhance the body. Such costumes are great for both in and out of the pool, swimming or sunbathing.

Looser shorts for men are highly popular as they are comfy and can be worn outdoors and not just in the water. Swimming costumes with thinner shoulder straps or open backs offer greater freedom of movement to women when in the water.

Some swimwear materials will have characteristics such as better shape retention, chlorine resistance, SPF sun protection and be quick drying. These often distinguish higher priced swimwear from lower priced items, so it’s worth thinking about your needs and keeping such things in mind when browsing.

For more exercise-orientated swimming activities there are also a number of options for swimmers. Performance swimwear for training and racing includes trunks, jammers (tight shorts), swimsuits and legsuits (a swimsuit that covers part of the legs), all of which have the aim of making you as streamlined and efficient as possible in the water, whilst covering varying amounts of your body. In order to reduce drag, these swimsuits use advanced materials and technologies engineered for higher levels of performance.

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