Kettler Classic Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table View

Kettler Classic Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table

The Kettler Classic Outdoor 10 is a high-quality, German-made, outdoor table tennis table that's manufactured to exacting standards. The 22mm ALU-TEC+ composite top is weatherproof and delivers consistent bounce and pace for superior performance and playability while the surface is covered with an anti-glare coating so you can play comfortably in bright conditions. The legs of this table are extra sturdy and feature off-road wheels for easy handling in outdoor environments and it also features a one-hand locking mechanism making folding this table tennis table more straightforward than ever. The multitude of useful features such as ball holders and dispensers and the high level of performance make this premium piece of equipment ideally suited for all homes.

Kettler Axos 1 Outdoor Table Tennis Table View

Kettler Axos 1 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Manufactured in Germany, the Kettler Axos 1 outdoor table tennis table is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. The 22m thick aluminium composite table top is weatherproof and UV & corrosion resistant providing protection against the elements for a longer lifespan. Manufactured to official tournament dimensions, the playing surface has excellent rebound properties and an anti-glare coating that significantly reduces sun-dazzle making it easier to keep your eye on the ball even in bright sunlight. The playback function lets you fold up one side and is easy to operate single handedly so you can practice on your own any time you like.The Axos 1 outdoor table tennis table folds away for easy storage and has large wheels so you can move it around quickly and effortlessly, even over rough ground. This high-quality table comes supplied with a detachable net and benefits from a generous 10 year table top and 3 year parts warranty for complete peace of mind.

Kettler Axos 1 Indoor Table Tennis Table View

Kettler Axos 1 Indoor Table Tennis Table

The Kettler Axos 1 indoor table tennis table has a 19mm (0.75”) wooden board top with a special coating on it that makes it conducive to good spin and ensures great, consistent ball bounce for optimal playability. The compact and strong indoor ping pong table, manufactured in Germany, is easy to assemble and one side can be folded up for solo practise or both sides for practical storage. The table is supplied with a detachable net, and is made to meet international tournament table dimensions.

Butterfly 6ft Green Table Tennis Top View

Butterfly 6ft Green Table Tennis Top

Turn your desk or dining table into loads of fun with the Butterfly 6ft Green table tennis top offers comfortable playing experience with 12mm playing surface, as well as a user-friendly foldable design which allows for saving space when not used. This sturdy ping pong table comes as a fantastic addition for your playing room, and it’s conveniently shipped with a complete set of post and net, plus to enjoy the game immediately after assembly, there as 2 sponge bats and 3 balls for a fast start. The table top is covered with a three-year warranty for a complete peace of mind.

Cornilleau Sport 100S Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table View

Cornilleau Sport 100S Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Cornilleau Sport 100S Crossover is a sturdy weatherproof outdoor table tennis table with a fixed net and a 5mm (0.20'') resin laminate Soft Mat table top producing 3 times less glare than standard tops. This compact, wheelchair friendly table is designed for leisure use and has been made using anti-corrosion materials ensuring resistance to bad weather. It features stable 25mm (1”) legs and a 40mm (1.6'') corrosion/scratch resistant steel frame, plus there is a playback facility to allow for individual training. There is also a bat storage on both sides of the table to store two bats and for great manoeuvrability, the table has oversized 200mm (7.9'') double wheels. It can be easily folded away for storage due to compact technology and Push'N Lock technology offers 8 locking points with activation buttons on the side panels for added safety.

Butterfly Fitness Indoor Table Tennis Table View

Butterfly Fitness Indoor Table Tennis Table

The Butterfly Fitness table tennis table is suitable for indoor use and has a 16mm playing surface. The top of this quality rollaway table features high density chipboard ensuring great strength and the most consistent bounce. It offers a solid steel frame and has 2 separate halves foldable for easy storage. In addition, each half is equipped with 4 independent wheels providing comfortable transportation. The table comes with an included net and post set, as well as with 2 reverse sponge bats and 3 practice quality balls. It stores away using minimum space and enables you to play against yourself thanks to the playback facility.

Cornilleau Proline 510 Static Outdoor Table Tennis Table View

Cornilleau Proline 510 Static Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Cornilleau Proline 510 Static is a very good-looking outdoor table tennis table that will be a perfect choice for all types of outdoor use. The table features sturdy curved legs that make it aesthetically pleasing and add some style to outdoor locations. The outdoor table has a MAT Top® anti-glare coating that makes playing easier and more enjoyable, and the weatherproof playing surface and corrosion and scratch resistant steel frame ensure a top level of durability. The table has a fixed steel net, 2 bat holders, a ball dispenser and corner protectors, and it is easy to assemble and can even be fixed to the ground for extra security and stability. It is wheelchair friendly and comes approved by the FFTT for Leisure use.

Sponeta Hobby Playback Indoor Table Tennis Table View

Sponeta Hobby Playback Indoor Table Tennis Table

The Sponeta Hobby Playback Indoor table tennis table is a part of the special Sponeta Hobby line. It’s a great choice for both beginners and recreational players. There is a playback position option for solo practice. To provide the best standard of play, the table top is a 19mm multi-coated chipboard with an anti-glare surface. Besides that, the table comes with a safety bar to prevent climbing or staying between the two table tops when stored. It is easy to assemble and the instructions are also provided. The stable and robust construction is strengthened by the steel undercarriage frame. A net set is included with the table so you can start playing straight away.


Table Tennis home

Table Tennis Tables

Table Tennis Tables

The first table tennis tables were the dining tables of the officers’ mess in colonial India and the parlour tables of society folk in Victorian Britain.  Back then pretty much any flat surface would do and rules varied from regiment to regiment and household to household.

Today the table tennis table is less ‘make do’ element, but there’s a great range out there for the enthusiastic home player and committed professional alike.

The earliest surviving Table Tennis Table comprises part of a set made by David Foster, patented in England in 1890.  It’s green cover and white markings are much the same as those you see on tables today but this one had nets to the side from which the ball could return,  rather like ‘real’ or ‘royal’ tennis as played many centuries earlier most famously at Hampton Court.

Today the choice is pretty extensive and there are options for all environments and budgets. 

Things to consider:

• Fixed or flexible?  If it needs to move regularly ensure your table has good quality casters (preferably with brakes) and that the dimensions when folded / unassembled work comfortably with your venue

• Location, location – There are tables with legs that can be fixed to a floor and concrete tables that once set down require lifting equipment to budge so if you’re committing to one of those you need to be confident you’ve got the right location.

• Thickness of surface – don’t be deceived by the innocent look of a ping pong ball – regular play will give the table surface a pounding over time so naturally the thicker the better.  If you’re a serious player you probably should consider at least 25mm thickness.

• Sturdy support – ensure the legs of your table are tough, if you’re leaning on or fall on to the table during play it needs to stay upright!

• Even keel – your floor is unlikely to be exactly horizontal to the perpendicular so a table with adjustable legs is a good idea and you can use a spirit level to set it up when preparing for play.  NB the height of the table should be 76cm above floor level. 


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