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Tretorn MICRO X (1 dozen)

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Tretorn's micro cellular technology is patented worldwide and recognized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as the pioneer in a new category of tennis balls called "micro cell." Tretorn's micro cell tennis ball, the Micro X, is neither pressureless nor pressurised. The Micro X ball combines the best of both worlds, resulting in a tour performance ball that does not lose performance or bounce over time.

Our price £23.95
Availability: in stock!

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Tretorn MICRO X (1 dozen) Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 27 people with average rating of 4.8

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Always a good ball, last for ages and sold at a good price.

I will keep using these as long as they are available.

easy to order and exactly what I wanted

In cold weather these bounce well. They are good value for money because the bounce remains consistent for longer.

very good service, exactly what I wanted

Excellent balls for wet weather use, which last until the felt wears out, which is a long time if used on a less abrasive surface like artificial turf or grass. Pretty expensive though at about £2 a ball..

these balls play well

We absolutely love Tretorn micro X tennis balls. Not only do they feel good to play with they are also good value for money. We usually get approximately 6 months use per set of balls.

OK first off I don't like these balls as much as others because of the slightly different bounce and weight, so why the 5* review. I suffer a little with shoulder and elbow problems and when the usual balls (Slazenger) get wet it exasperates the problems. Now these balls are a little bit heavier, but don't seem to soak up the water like the normal balls do so if you are playing in the wet they are lighter and retain their bounce. Also being non-pressurized when you take them home and dry them out, the next time you use them, no matter how long the gap they are just as good. Usually they last about 10 different sessions before they need replacing so they end up being good value.

Fantastic tennis balls, especially good to use in cold & wet conditions.

Balls have consistent bounce and play like new balls all the time. Only have them for 2 weeks so no idea on durability.

These balls are very good when playing on wet surfaces. They keep their bounce far longer than pressurised tennis balls. Worth the money. Went looking to buy more but not at the same price I paid.

Best balls ever who never deflate

These were a very good price & brand new. Good seller.

These are excellent long lasting balls, even in the rain!

Excellent product. Delivered promptly

A good all season ball

Good value

First time to try these balls, ordered for use with ball machine. They seem to be very suitable for this so far, and we're hoping they will last as long as is claimed.

Seem OK. Used for 3 x 1 hour sessions so far where my hitting partner and I give it some on hard court and so far they are bouncing as good as the day they arrived. I will say they took a bit of getting used too, it high-lighted we'd clearly been playing with flat balls for a while!

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