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Specialist supplements for vegans are designed to help you get the best training results and keep your body in a peak condition. Whether it is increasing strength and muscle mass, losing weight, or keeping your immune system healthy, vegan supplements support all your performance goals and let you fuel your body while following a plant-based diet. A well-planned vegan diet can fulfill your nutritional needs. Keep your nutrition and health on point to increase stamina, maximize gains and recover in the quickest possible time.




Whatever your fitness goal, vegan protein helps to grow and maintain muscle, as well as aid recovery from intense exercise. As protein is typically found in meat and eggs, many vegans find it difficult to obtain the recommended protein intake they need. Vegan Proteins and Vegan Protein Bars are a great way to boost your protein content for the day and enable you to maintain a healthy plant-based diet.

The amino acid requirements are as important as protein needs to fuel your body during training sessions. It is known that Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) cannot be made by our bodies, yet they are required for stimulating immune function, decreasing muscle fatigue and the growth and repair of muscle, skin and bone (e.g., Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine). Therefore, Vegan Amino Acid supplements allow for getting adequate amounts of the much-needed organic molecules.




One of the main concerns about vegan diets is whether they provide the body with enough vitamins and minerals. A key to a healthy plant-based diet is to answer the question what are the nutritional deficiencies that are most common with vegan diets. To get enough essential nutrients and live a healthy vegan life, it is recommended to include vitamin B12, zinc, iron, calcium, omega-3, iodine, vitamin K-2 and vitamin D in your diet. Combining a well-planned vegan diet with supplementation will help you fill in nutritional gaps and boost the intake of vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly.




To get extra energy before exercising, improve athletic performance during workouts and quickly refuel afterwards, there are Vegan Pre, Intra and Post-Workout supplements. Carefully tailored to let you achieve your goals faster, the pre-workout supplements are designed to enhance your performance and help you bulk-up. The intra-workout supplements taken in the middle of a training session ensure improved hydration and reduced muscle breakdown. They allow for sustaining performance during long-duration, endurance exercise and deliver improved muscle protein synthesis. The post-workout supplements aid in muscular recovery and muscle building - they simply help to replenish the stores you have burnt through exercise. Whatever the goal, please remember to consult your healthcare professional before beginning a new supplement regime.


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