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Viavito Asuryama 4mm Yoga Mat

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Reach full potential in every area of your yoga practice using the Viavito Asuryama 4mm yoga mat. This generously sized (183x61cm) yoga mat is designed to help you build endurance, flexibility and strength while working the different series of postures. Printed with a beautiful mandala pattern for focus and meditation, the Asuryama lets you take the most out of your yoga sessions. It features a central line and side markers to facilitate proper alignment and enable you to stay centred throughout your practice. To provide impact reduction and enhanced cushioning, the mat is 4mm (0.2”) thick and offers a honeycomb textured design delivering a high-grip, anti-slip surface and a stable base for various asanas. Plus, it is lightweight, waterproof and soft to touch and comes with an elastic carry strap for comfortable transportation to and from the studio.

Our price £13.99
Availability: Please choose colour for stock availability information



Manufactured for excellent grip at any surface, the Asuryama mat provides you with feeling of safety and confidence, allowing to gain full control over your poses. Thanks to the special textured structure of the mat you do not need to worry about falling or slipping during your practice! This practical yoga prop will perfectly handle not only shiny and slippery floor of the yoga classrom, but also sand at the seaside, grass in the garden or wooden panels in your salon.



Thoughtfully designed and beautiful pattern of the yoga mat helps to keep your body posture perfectly aligned. Some of the asanas might seem difficult, but with this supportive imprint, including central line and side markers, you know how to adjust your hands and feet to the right position. Featuring well-balanced, aesthetic mandala symbol and soft colour of the material, the Asuryama mat will make your yoga sessions a lot more pleasant, helping you to focus on the exercise.



Great for yogis on the go, the mat comes with an elastic carry strap making it ideal for taking on public transport or walking to the studio. Thanks to its lightweight design it will not weigh you down on your way to the yoga class. The compact and portable Asuryama mat is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Get closer to nature and take it for the practice at the park, in the forest or anywhere you want.



Made from strong, yet flexible PVC, the Asuryama is durable, waterproof and tear-resistant. This generously sized mat is completely free of nasty phthalates and any unpleasant chemical odours. After your sweaty sessions and mindful flows, the Asuryama can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and dried with a towel.



Striking the balance between cushioning and grip, the yoga mat provides proper support to your body. Its optimal, 4mm thickness and soft to the touch material guarantees cushioned base for your asanas and reduces impact on your joints. On top of that, it ensures enough space to get the most out of your yoga session and is suitable for different types of yoga such as ashtanga, bikram and vinyasa or other exercises including stretching and fitness exercises.

Key features

  • Generously sized (183x61cm) yoga mat
  • Eye-catching mandala pattern in the centre
  • 4mm thickness for increased comfort and cushioning
  • Central line and side markers help to keep hands and feet evenly aligned
  • Anti-slip, textured surface to keep mat in place during exercise
  • Great traction for balance exercises
  • Reduces impact during practice
  • Suitable for yoga, stretching, meditation and fitness exercises
  • Elastic carry strap for convenient transportation
  • Soft to touch
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Viavito logo on the side
  • Easy to Clean: Wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a towel
  • Dimensions: Length=183cm (72”), Width=61cm (24”), Thickness=4mm (0.2”)
  • Material: Phthalates Free PVC
  • Weight: 1.35kg (3lbs)

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Love my new mat

Pretty, clean looking but a little too stretchy

I'm a beginner yogi and found this mat really good for practicing my first poses. The mat stays in place and gives me enough grip to get into poses without fearing that I'll fall over. Was expecting it to be a bit wider, but that's my mistake!

Love my mat, it it doesn't slip when doing postures and moving around mat very stylish and great quality

Looks really nice and the markings are a great help, but the foam is already breaking up in places (had for approx 2 weeks, used for 20 to 30 minutes per day on average)

Stable and elegant. Big fan of this mat!

I love the colour and the design but mostly I love how soft it is. I also find the design really useful for alignment. And the carry strap is nice and practical for storage and carrying. Really pleased with it.

Bought this mat for my daughter. She loves the colour, design on the mat and the comfort feel of it when she does her stretches.

I love this mat! It's soothing to look at and very comfortable during my Zoom yoga class. I really like the markings which help me enormously in my practice. Highly recommend.

Lovely colour and comfortable

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