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Viavito Flipit 6ft Table Tennis Top

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The Viavito Flipit 6ft table tennis top lets you turn your dining table into a table tennis table in a matter of seconds. This high-quality table top is reversible, with a 6ft table tennis top with a blue finish on one side and a stylish dining table with a brown wood grain finish on the other. This is a superb addition to any 6ft games table and will rest conveniently on top of any flat surface. The indoor table top is supplied with a full accessory kit to get you playing straight away that includes 2 bats, 3 balls, a net and posts. On the table tennis side of this practical and durable top there are markings to define the playing area, and it can be stored easily and efficiently as two separate flat pieces after use.

Our price £64.49
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • High-quality, reversible, indoor table top
  • Top Side: 6ft table tennis top with blue finish
  • Reverse Side: Stylish dining table top with brown wood grain finish
  • Unique addition to any 6ft games table
  • Rests conveniently on top of flat surfaces
  • Designed to provide superb home entertainment for families and friends
  • Reduced glare finish
  • High-density fibreboard
  • Supplied with a full accessory kit including 2 bats, 3 balls, net and posts
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Easily stored away as two separate flat pieces when not in use
  • Table tennis table markings
  • Practical and durable
  • Dimensions: Length=183cm (72"), Width=91.5cm (36"), Height=1.27cm (0.5”)
  • Product Weight: 16.5kg (36lbs)
  • Weight (Boxed): 19.5kg (43lbs)
  • Warranty: 6 months


Viavito Flipit 6ft Table Tennis Top - User Manual

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Will it work ok with the 5 foot pool table?

Yes you can place it on a 5ft pool table no problem.

How long does it take to assemble?

Setting it up is a simple as inserting the 3 metal dowels into the end of one side and sliding the two table top parts together. To store it away just slide the tops apart.

Do I need to attach it to my table?

No, the Flipit doesn’t need attaching, it sits stably on top of your table.

Is it easy to store?

Yes, the Flipit comes in two pieces which slot together and then come apart so you can store it more conveniently.

If my dining table is slightly smaller or oval shaped, will the board sit flat on top i.e. Can it sit flat without being supported at the edges?

Yes, there's no problem using this with a slightly smaller table or an oval shaped on. The Flipit can hang over the edges of your table.

How wide is the viavito flipit 6ft table tennis top and is it suitable for adults?

The dimensions are: length=183 cm, width=91.5 cm and height=1.27 cm. And yes, adults and children alike can play using this table.

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It is good and suits us well. The table tennis bats are not the best quality as a piece of wood fell off one of ours after 3 days play.

Love it

We love this! Its a bit fiddly to set up initially but we have had loads of fun with it and its easy to take down when we need our table back.

This is a fabulous product and is EXACTLY what we wanted, a table tennis surface that fits on top of our dining room table which allows us to play our favourite game whenever we like. I would strongly recommend it.

This has been our most enjoyable xmas present, and is still in constant use. It is incredibly easy to set up and take down for use indoors or outside without taking up too much room when stored as it folds flat in two pieces whereas more expensive versions tend to be on wheels and take up more width when stored. It has provided friends and family with a lot of entertainment and for a lower budget item I would say we have definately enjoyed value for money. As it is a table top however it does mean you need a table to put it on. This also means that you need to consider that your table will be out of action whilst the game is in use. However it is so quick to take off and put to one side when your table is needed and play can be resumed afterwards!

Brilliant. Easy to put together and store when not being used (which is never) The bats and balls supplied are not the best but still do the job expected and still very usable though not competition standard (neither are we though) Would I recommend this, a BIG YES.

Quality a bit poor as when taking the net on and off it removes the surface paint and the side bits have had to be glued because they keep peeling off. Was also bashed in box when we received but as it was a Christmas present we didn't return. However it is still a wonderful product, light and easy to take on and off the dining room table and a lot cheaper than similar products. Well worth what we paid and the children have had hours of fun with it!

Purchased this on special offer,excellent value for money

Good table, easy to put together and take apart, fits under the sofa when not in use, really pleased with it.

As we don't have room for a full size table tennis table we purchased one of these for the family to have some fun with. Weren't expecting for it to be anything serious but have to say that you can get really worked up playing on this table! It took all of about 5 or 6 minutes to put together. The instructions are really clear and simple. Just put the 3 metal dowels in place and push the two halves together. The net posts simply slide on and the net slides onto the posts - that's it!!!!! It comes with 2 bats and some balls, not pro quality but then we really weren't expecting that based on the price. It's a lot of fun, is nicely designed, good quality for the money and you can flip it over to use it as a normal table top (guess that's why it's called a flipit). I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking for some fun game time without spending a fortune. 5 stars without doubt.

Purchased this as a gift for my 2 son's who have played this nearly everyday since i purchased it. Great product especially for the price.

We use the table tennis top on top of our snooker table, The top is good quality and not too heavy to move if we want to play snooker. Although the lines are stuck on and not painted on this does not make any difference and still looks good. Well worth the money and good fun when friends and family are over!

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