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Viavito FT500 Football Table

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The Viavito FT500 is a beautifully designed, robust football table made to get the whole family active. Made from heavy-duty construction materials, this stylish, rock-solid table can be the centrepiece of any games room. The extra thick coating on the playing surface increases durability and ball speed for a faster paced and more intense game, while the raised corners keep the ball moving to ensure the action never stops. Ramp up the intensity to boiling point and enjoy hours of fun while improving your skills as you play with friends and family on this high-quality 1-2-5-3 formation football table. The FT500 is partially pre-assembled for a super-quick set up and includes everything you need to start playing. Get your practice in and show them who’s boss! Order today and bring big smiles and lots of fun to the whole family.

Our price £299.99
Availability: in stock!
Save an Additional 15% on this Product!
To redeem the voucher, please enter the code SAVE15 on the basket page.



Made from durable, heavy-duty materials the FT500 is designed for hardcore play. This impressive table is made to withstand the rigours of high-intensity matches. Its rock-solid construction makes it suitable for adults and children alike and enables it to soak up everything you can throw at it as the intensity of the play reaches fever pitch.



For super-fast, ultra-intense gameplay and superb durability, the FT500 features pitch with upturned corners and an extra-thick coating for greater speed and responsiveness so the ball keeps moving and the action never stops. Start and finish off passing moves, control the ball, then aim and strike with power and accuracy thanks to the slick playing surface that's made to enhance your performance so you can become a lean, mean, winning machine.



With leg levellers for stability and support struts for increased structural integrity, the FT500 is incredibly stable. Its rock-solid 59kg construction means that even when the fun goes off the scale the FT500 remains firmly rooted to the ground. And, with safety end protectors on the rods, this table is suitable for the whole family, little kids and big kids alike.



So that you spend less time trying to understand how bits fit together and more time improving your skills the FT500 comes partially assembled in the box. With fewer assembly steps needed than ever before you’ll be up and running in no time at all. Work less and play more with the FT500.

Key features

  • Robust 54" football table made to withstand serious play
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Playing Field: 9mm MDF with black PVC and extra thick coating for greater speed and responsiveness
  • Raised corners to prevent the ball from getting stuck while playing
  • Side and End Walls: 12mm MDF with PVC
  • Play Rod: Φ16mm solid rods with safety end protectors
  • Players: Black and grey players in 1-2-5-3 formation; made of ABS plastic
  • Scorers: Black and grey scorers
  • Ball insert on each side wall
  • Ball return at both ends
  • Black plastic handles
  • Sturdy 12mm MDF legs
  • Leg Dimensions: Length=100mm (3.9”), Width=100mm (3.9”)
  • Leg levellers with 125mm (4.9”) diameter
  • Accessories: 4 balls (2 x white, 2 x black/white)
  • Meets the requirements of European safety standard EN 71-1/2/3
  • Viavito logo painted on both end walls
  • The table is supplied part pre-assembled
  • Dimensions: Length=137cm (53.4”), Width=73cm (28.7”), Height=87.5cm (34.4”)
  • Weight: 59kg (130lbs)
  • For indoor use only
  • Warranty: 6 months


Viavito FT500 Football Table - Manual

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The pitch surface looks shiny, is it glass?

Hi, it's not glass, but the surface does have a polyresin coating that speeds up the gameplay in a similar way to glass.

Are you able to deliver this on a Saturday?

Hi. Saturday delivery is available to 90% of mainland postcodes. We always contact you to book in delivery of this item, so just let us know when we call you to book in the delivery day. There is a £10 charge for Saturday delivery. Delivery Mon-Fri is is free of charge to most UK Mainland postcodes.

How quickly can this table be delivered?

When in stock, this item can be dispatched same day for orders with cleared payment received by 12pm Monday to Friday. However please note that due to the size and weight of this item we need to agree a delivery day with you.

Is it possible to set up a 3, 2, 5, 3 formation?

Hi. It's possible to change the formation of the players by purchasing a spare front-line rod from Viavito and putting it into the keeper slot. However, this table is set up to the babi-foot format of 1,2,5,3 with raised corners on the pitch. The 3,2,5,3 formation is typically used for Foosball competition tables without raised pitch corners.

How easy is it to get replacement parts such as balls and players?

Getting spares is easy. We don't sell them direct, but if you need some it's possible to purchase them direct from Viavito. They keep good levels of stock and usually deliver within a few days.

Is this table big enough for adults to play on?

Yes absolutely! This is a full-sized, 5ft heavy-duty table weighing it at 59kg (130lbs). It's suitable for adults, kids and teenagers alike.

Is it possible to arrange installation for this item?

We're currently unable to offer an installation service for this item. But even if we could, it probably wouldn't be worth paying anyone to put it together for you as it's very easy to complete the setup because it's already partially assembled in the box.

Does this table fold for storage?

This model is designed for heavier use so isn't foldable. But, if you need a table that folds then the Viavito FT100X is smaller and folds away vertically so you can push it right up against a wall when you're not using it.

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Viavito FT500 Football Table Reviews

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It's a very robust table and easy to set up. It plays smoothly (so far, only 3 weeks' use...). If it were being adjusted for subsequent versions, I would suggest differentiating the team colours a bit more (grey and black is a bit close). The only issue I have with it is that it does not have telescopic hand rails for the player lines, so you can both jab your opponent in the guts and accidentally grab one of their rails in the heat of the game. But I knew all this when I bought it. And so far I am very happy. Even happier because I got it in the Black Friday sale.

Fantastic product . Kids love it and it looks good too.

We're very plased with the football table - it's very sturdy and looks good

Solid nice looking table, had lots of play over Christmas and the wife doesn't mind it being in the lounge as it looks nice - although she does mind all the shouting and screaming when were playing!. I spent a long time looking at different tables and seemed to be the best in terms of solid feel when playing and looks and durability.

I bought this to put in the reception room of our car repair garage for our customers to use while they're waiting. It gets a lot of use daily and I see a lot of happy faces when people are on it. The table quality is good and my customers are enjoying themselves while they’re waiting for their cars to be ready so I'm very happy. Quality table that's doing the job perfectly!

Took delivery of this last Saturday, spent 40 minutes putting it together and I don’t think it’s had more than half an hours peace since! Fantastic table that plays just like the sort of thing you get in pubs. Brilliant!

This is easy to put together as it’s partially assembled in the box and once built, it’s rock solid and doesn’t shake or move around. Most importantly it plays great. The surface is coated so the ball really zips around and I like the fact that the corners are raised like the old pub tables so the ball never gets stuck in the corners. This table is really well built and is loads of fun. It’s got the kids away from the PC too so all in all very happy.

Excellent quality and worth the money. I previously purchased a cheap table and was duly disappointed so was hoping this would be better having paid the extra. This time I’m absolutely delighted. This is a proper football table and not a flimsy thing that moves around when you play on it. It’s smooth and it plays fast making for lots of fun and some heated battles. Recommended.

Got this as a gift for my son’s 21st birthday. Given how much fun him and his friends have had I’d say this has already paid for itself. Well worth it.

Assembly is easy as long as you read through the instructions before starting. The table itself is properly built, doesn’t move even with full-grown men playing on it. Good table and good value.

I recently had one of these delivered for my son’s 15th birthday and I’m really impressed with it. It was a bit of a shock when I tried to move the box - this is one seriously heavy table and not lightweight like the previous one we had, which used to move around when people were trying to play on it. The gameplay is really good and the table doesn’t move around at all even with 4 adults playing on it. It’s rock solid and feels great, kind of like the ones you find in pubs and you can get seriously competitive in matches (just ask my poor neighbours!). For the money, it’s more than I expected and my son is delighted with it, but he’s not the only one in the household who loves this table!

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